Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another uneventful Saturday for me...

...or so I thought, but it actually turned out to be quite an interesting day!

TK called me this morning and asked me if I'd like to visit Youogle's IT office, so I went and checked it out! On the way out, I saw quite some cars by the entrance to my neighbourhood, and army personnel were there barricading the way to Tambun town as the bomb was to be detonated later that morning. There's an airplane circling the area too, probably to make sure no one is staying in the areas ordered for evacuation during the bomb detonation.

The IT office was being renovated when I arrived, and it's actually only across the street where Artes used to be! I parked below Artes, the uncle who guards the parking area recognised my Xantia and came over for a better look :)

We had a lunch appointment with Yen at Repulse Bay in Greentown, I lead the way, and TK was keeping his distance because my car's lousy engine kept feeding him black smoke, lol, sorry :D Yen arrived a bit late for lunch, Joe was supposed to join us but work made him a no-show, oh well, next time hehe.

Lunch was great; the three of us had a great time talking about cars and pets, it's a click! Many thanks to TK for lunch was on him, too, thanks again! My treat next time!

After lunch, Yen wanted to check out TK's KE70, so he graciously opened the doors to show us the interior, and then...
Yen climbed into the car and hijacked the driver's seat!!


We also got a peek of the ITBs with new shiny indian cups :D

The WWII bomb in Tambun has been detonated by the time we're done with lunch and the roads have been reopened, so I went home thru the usual route, but not before I stopped at the bomb site and kepoh-ed a bit :D I got crappy pics with my phone, so I'll just be showing the ones taken earlier by Dad.

The view of the site from across the river. The sandbags were meant to buffer the explosion enough to protect the pipelines and bridge.

This is the pit in which the bomb was detonated.

What remains of the shell.

From what I heard from people who near the site during detonation, there wasn't too huge an explosion, just a moderate one, and all the carnage it managed to incur was only a few punctured sandbags, lol, it's an old bomb after all! Well, now that the threat of explosion's been done with, people can enjoy fishing and teh sessions there with peace of mind again! Too bad the town area's off-limits during detonation; I would have loved to take a few pics of Tambun town while it's a temporary ghost town, it's be slightly unreal seeing that as the town has suddenly become a lot more lively since the discovery of the bomb about a week ago!


Touge King said...

Wow, the bomb site looked pretty well-prepared. Although it was a moderate bomb, I guess they could never be too careful. Good job by the army :)!

leong soon said...

Haha yeah, sadly though, I was expecting something a bit more powerful. When I visited the site yesterday, my first impression was "Eh, not any different compared to yesterday (Friday) geh!". Now it's like setting off a huge firecracker only :P