Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bou's second birthday celebration!

Yes, second time! Ying was back from KL on the 7th, so we went out to Coco's Cafe to celebrate, again :) Not many were around this time though, only me, Ivan, Bou, Shen, & Ying, just the small bunch of us.

Bou was wearing the flashing display T-shirt Wennice got him for his birthday :) Cool huh? Should have taken a video of it; it's got a few different flashing patterns!

As Sunday, the 8th will be the Dumpling Festival, Ying had something a liitle bit unusual for Bou's birthday cake, and that is...
TA-DA-DAH!!!! A rice dumpling!! Complete with candles and "Happy Birthday" sign!!

Poor Bou, he's had rice dumplings for breakfast and lunch that day, then supper too! I don't think he'll complain though :p Other patrons in the cafe were looking at us with curious glee while we were singing the birthday song :D

Bou with his nth dumpling of that day

Bou was handing out souveneirs he bought from his recent trip to Taiwan too, the rest got some cute bear keychains, but what I got was more unique, I got this:
An ocarina shaped like a helicopter! It comes complete with a nice paper bag, box and even songbook!

I've tried a few times learning to play the ocarina since I got it, but my hands are too clumsy for it's teeny size. Oh well, gotta put more practise to it :D


coolest3 said...

The ocarina seems so unique. if u dun mention that is an ocarina i only think it's an helicopter toy.

leong soon said...

LOL, Ivan's right; Bou shouldn't have gave it to someone with no music talent, like me. I can play the first two lines of "Happy Birthday" now though :D