Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yen's first pay

Yen got her first pay on 30th April, so she brought me out to dinner on Labour's Day evening! (OK la, in actuality, I brought her out la, cuz technically speaking, I was the one who did all the driving, but the dinner was supposed to be her treat :p)

We went to Secret Recipe because Yen wanted to have Chicken Cornish. Yen ordered black pepper chicken chop, while I had pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce. Yucky, I tell you, lobster sauce, stay away from it :(

Yen loves her Chicken Cornish :)

I didn't want Yen to spend too much of her first salary, so I paid for dinner, but she'll have none of it and paid me back for her share, so after dinner, we went straight to Dong Gu Ting for Ice Kacang as desserts, Yen's treat!! There, everybody's happy :D

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