Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family visit in Johor!

Me, my family, and Aunt Mee Yin set out early Saturday morning (19042008), stopped for scrumptious fish & meatball porridge breakfast at Kampar pasar, also had lotsa rice dumplings!! Milo ais was very khau too, everything's great! We dropped into Subang Jaya to pick Bro up, then stopped by Melaka toll for awhile to drop two motors for Mr. Lim, then straight we went to Johor!

It was already nearly 1600 when we reached Johor, so we visited Ma Ma (Grandma) first; she's pretty fine, better than before, walks swift, only a bit deaf, but she's over eight and a half decade old, what more could you expect :D Si Gu and family has moved out into another house nearby from Li Gu's house, and Cousin Tong moved his family into another unit just 3-4 houses away from Li Gu, same street :)

At about 1700, Tong led the way to Chew Yi's home, where we all had a bath and set out for dinner at a restaurant just 2 streets away from Li Gu and Tong's home. Tong bought the fishes personally, and took the shark fins from his hoard, lol! The restaurant doesn't sell liquor, so we brought our own. Dinner was great, with everybody coming; all 21 members from the Chuah, Kok, Thoe, & Foong family in the vicinity were over, with the exception of my Lai, it was a ruckus! Tong also kept disappearing throughout the dinner, sending food to his wife Lai, who is still at work, nearby. So, Tong is finally able to keep his infamously foul mouth in check, and they're all lovey dovey again, with nice kids, so darn cool, we're very happy for them. Their kids call me Gor Gor (elder brother) instead of the actual Biao Shu (cousin uncle), makes me still feel damn young, I like them :D

I didn't take any pics because either:
a) I'm lazy
b) I'm busy eating, drinking, chatting
c) It's dark so my camera's crap anyways
d) I'm so happy I forgot

Actually, it's "e) All of the above" :D

The bill for dinner came to RM300+ for both tables. I helped Dad sneak-pay the bill in advance, but Tong and Si Gu who had earlier decided the dinner was on them would have none of it when they found out. Money was pushed around, and in the end it all gets pushed to Ma Ma, who gets it as bonus pocket money, so everybody was happy :D

After dinner, everybody either drove, rode or walked back to Tong's house for more fun. We filled the front of Li Gu's house with cars, yet the guy renting a room his car managed to get his Waja in just fine, pretty good bit of navigating he did! Back at Tong's house, we moved all his coffee tables and chairs out to the porch, Si Gu took the foldable roadshow chairs outta the trunk of his SEG, Tong bought some more liquor from the nearby stalls, plus a few more bottles sitting beside the deity on his altar (just like my home, liquor sitting beside Kuan Yin on the altar, we worship liquor, lol!!), and there we have ourselves another makeshift party!!

The kids were all playing PS2 or card games inside the house, while the others are out there drinking and chatting. Cousin Keong also joined us after attending a wedding banquet in Skudai, and Lai came back from work too.

Everybody had a good time and we went on till well past midnight! It was already nearly 0200 on Sunday morning when we finally got back to Chew Yi's home, bathed, and went to sleep. Chew Yi must be pretty drunk that night; she kept on stalling or going very slow before and after corners on the short way home, freaking Dwa Yi and Dwa Jiu (eldest aunt and unc) out. Keong who was driving his Wira behind nearly bumped into her, and once had to brake until he was forced to steer into another lane! It was pretty ok though, since there wasn't any other traffic that late in the area :D I was pretty amused watching all this, driving the Transit and following them from a safe distance, very safe distance :D :D Chew Yi sobered up pretty soon though; she's inherited Dwa Jiu's zzzuper drinking powahzzzz, it runs in her blood!!

The next morning, we woke up early and had breakfast at a food centre we've visited during our last trip over. It was very crowded, but we managed to hoard exactly the same 2 tables we sat at last time. Si Gu brought Nana out, and this attracted 3 rude girls who kept pestering him and touching Nana while we were eating or having conversations. I mean, seriously, manners please; don't reach under people's arms while they are eating, or keep asking about the dog while Si Gu's obviously speaking to someone else. This, plus the fact that they keep touching Nana, saying "bye" in their shrilly high voices, then coming back again every minute, for about 20 minutes, makes them veli da farkin' annoying, and very well puts them in the list of people I wanna nano-flatten with a 24-wheeler. Li Gu and Tong didn't join us that morning for they were busy with a piping job, or those girls would have gotten some from their laser tongues :p

Breakfast eaten and tummies filled, we bade everyone bye and set off again! It was a great day, to be able to catch up with family and see that Ma Ma is doing very well!

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