Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flooded graves

Set out at 7 this morning for a grave-cleaning spree. First stop was my great-great-grandparents'. As I walked along the main road, I was a bit curious, noticing that there are offerings and candles outside where there are no graves. It dawned on me though, why the offerings are outside, when I walked in and saw this:

For some the ground has caved in slightly and most of the graves near the main road have been flooded, with about less than a feet of the tombstone still visible above the water, less fortunate ones are totally submerged. Family members must have came and realised there's nothing they can do for now, so they just performed the rituals and left the offerings outside. Must be kinda heartwrenching to see the final resting place of their beloved ones in this state, I feel sorry for them.

Anyway, we were lucky my ancestor's grave isn't flooded, so we got off to some cleaning. It's hard work; I've got to clean the graves of my great-great grandparents, then my great grandparents, then finally my paternal grandparents. I think I strained my my back a bit in Rimba Panjang on Sunday, so the pain wasn't helping too. I'll need a wheelchair soon :p

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