Sunday, April 6, 2008

Facebook + Friendster = Awesome!!

Yes it is! I chanced upon the Facebook profile of Jiet Hou, a primary school classmate of mine! Added him up, browsed in his list of friends, and I found Jou Eng! One thing led to another, and with Friendster, I managed to find more names!

Up till now, I've dug up 8 of my primary school classmates, the others being Ying Leong, Weng Yip, Tzer Wei, Wen Hou, Eric Khor & Teik Zhen! 8! Some of them I'd forgotten about, but looking at the names I remembered their full names and how each and everyone of them looked like. I added each and every name I can recognize, and I can still recognize their faces! I sent them messages too; some remember me, some vaguely remember me, one couldn't remember at all, but that's very understandable :p

It's been about a decade since I last saw any of them; after I completed standard 5 at SRK La Salle in 1997, I left for form 1 studies at Poi Lam in 1998, so instead of heading to one of two possible secondary schools with them in 1999, I was separated from my primary mates early, and had lost contact with everyone apart from Kok Wai, Kenneth, but that's only because they're my cousins, and Daryl Yap, because our fathers are friends :p Sze Chuan my childhood friend and primary schoolmate of course I remember and it's thanks to his mom Aunt Jane's fateful decision for signing me up for Poi Lam's entrance exam, but somewhere along the way he became more socially inept than ever, dropped outta school, and we hadn't been talking much since, I wonder what went wrong...

Apart from primary school, I can remember some mates from kindergarten too, like Melvin; the kid who's very friendly with me then, and Timothy Lim; the naughty boy who also went to La Salle with me. There's also a girl my mom says went to Kinderland with me, Esther Chua; her mom is a friend of my mom. Pretty girl, I saw her while waiting for mom outside her house last year, but sadly I can't remember anything about her, nothing at all, ugh this is so sad :( I'm not gay but why can I only remember the guys and not the gals??

Given some time to rummage thru my memory, I can still remember most, if not all of my primary school mates, but I never thought I'd be able to contact any of them anymore. Now I can, though, thanks to Facebook and Friendster, kewl! Facebook & Friendster for the win!!!!

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