Thursday, April 24, 2008

Away from Johor and off to Melaka!

OK, not straight away; before Melaka, we went to visit the iron ore mining site in Pagoh, Johor. The site's hidden pretty well behind some estates, and to get in, I had to drive 8.5km on muddy or gravel-filled roads. And that's after driving over kilometres of winding, secluded roads, fun fun fun! The first time I went in starting from the estate roads, I took about half 35 minutes, with the Transit skipping unhappily over the stones, I drove at only about 30+kph, just to keep everybody comfortable enough. Dad said to just step on it or it'll take me an hour to reach inside :D

We went into the site as Dad wanted to see how's progress going. Going pretty well and fast if what we saw is to go by; even the motors Mr Lim picked up the day before was already being prepared for use. It was lunch time when we arrived, and Uncle Phang cooked rice for us too! We're still full, so he had the rice filled in tupperware for later consumption. He must be very bored inside cuz he's very happy to see us. Must be, because I see that he's got new karaoke equipment in his container! I nearly broke the hammock as I didn't notice the seams have started coming off :p

Mr Lim's still in there too, and he threw some beer bottles into a pond for us to shoot at. I taught Bro and Sis how to handle Dad's Marlin. My aim has certainly gone off, a lot! Boohoohoo, and to think that I used to snootily count my rare misses as waste of good sad... I still managed to hit a lot later after I got used to shooting again, so all is not lost!!! I had to keep reminding Bro and Sis to lock-cock the gun when not shooting, and to always keep the barrel pointed skywards when loaded, for safety. Point it to the ground and it might ricochet off something in case of misfire, reload multiple times after shooting all rounds, just to be sure no maverick shells are accidentally left in the chamber etc etc. Sis accidentally fired a shot into the pond because she didn't pull her finger away from the trigger while reloading, my bad :p I also had the chance to teach them how to handle stuck bullet and jammed hammer situations later, as the Marlin heated up fast after rapid usage, just the way it's always been! Still no pics because I'm still feeling lazy!

On the way out, I drove faster and made it out in 15 minutes! It's so so so so damn fun driving a van thru rocky and muddy roads in the rain, avoiding bumps and runs, while keeping an eye out for the corner!!! Next on was the winding but properly paved roads again, which is fun!!! I'd love to do the same road in a proper 4x4 truck I can trash next time, I couldn't go any faster because I care for the Transit too much. A vibrating sound keeps coming out from the dashboard whenever the Transit's idling now.. poor Transit.

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