Thursday, April 24, 2008

12th April 2008... a busy but joyful day!

Eugene my kai gor is finally a married man, coming in last after his younger siblings. I now have a kai sou, Silvia, who is just as pretty like the Nissan sports coupe by the same name :) The nuptials were carried out at St Michael's Church and the banquet was held at Sun Lei Hau Fook. I also finally got to meet Pinkgi, whom I've been contacting since end of 2005, but have never met, until now. She's a college senior of mine who left before I joined Artes, also a colleague of my friends, and is Eugene's kai mui! This world is so so very small and full of coincidences.

Yen and Sis towards the end of the wedding banquet. They made me cut lotsa balloons loose for them!

12th of April is also when Sis turns 13!

Bro went thru hours of ass-torment and came back Saturday evening just to celebrate Sis's birthday, he left again with Yew on Sunday afternoon.
We went home after the banquet for cake! Dad still looks a bit red from all the alcohol guzzled down during the banquet!

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