Friday, April 25, 2008

ARII Chevrolet C3 Corvette Stingray

Haha, I remember what I said about not buying anymore model kits before, but but but, you'll understand me if only you'd realize how sexy the Stingray is!!! Made by ARII in 1/24, details are moulded well and crisp, with the occasional managable excesses here and there, I prefer it's quality over Mr Hobby and Hasegawa!

Read more about the C3 Stingray here.

Very crude mockup, but it looks good. I've glued the front and rear bumpers on, no fitment problems so far :)

ARII even included 3 sets of roofs for the targa top; a pair in white, another pair in black, and lastly a transparent pair, I'll probably go with the transparent ones.

Bling bling! I just love the form of this car, it's so Batmobile material!

Doesn't look so sexy, yet, but it will be when I'm done building it!

Mom's birthday!!

Tuesday, 22042008 was Mom's birthday! I was very occupied for the past month, and had forgotten all my plans for her cake and card, and to top it all we got home late from the trip on Monday, so I worked hard into 0300 on Tuesday morning, trying to come up with a card design. I failed. I went to sleep. Woke up the next morning and started sneakily working on it at the office, but not before I secretly ordered a cake. I've wanted to get a yam cake earlier; Mom loves yam, but that's only available on order 2 days beforehand, so that's not possible anymore, and I opted for Mocha Peanut; never tried it before, but it sounded yummy.

While on the way to Unique Seafood for dinner later at night, I got a call from Bro, saying he'll reach Ipoh in 30 minutes. WTF? Popping home all of a sudden, to surprise Mom of course, but should have informed the rest of us earlier as we've made an appointment. Gonna knock his head good one of these days. I went with Yen to fetch him after dropping the others down at Sunway. Aunt Mee Yin, Kah Hoe & Kah Wai have already arrived by the time we got back to Unique.

The Mocha Peanut cake was delicious and aromatic, thanks to the generous amount of peanuts used in it, everyone loved the flavour!

Bloopered pic :p

Family pic, someone is still having fun with the cake knife.

...and more family pics!

Mom & Dad!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Melaka!! Yay!!

Ok la, so Melaka isn't really that exciting to me, anymore, probably because I've been to the attractions one too many times. Uncle Leong and family has already arrived at Melaka about 1 hour+ before us, he came earlier as he had to send his elder brother off at KLIA on Sunday morning. When we arrived at the resort, we unpacked our stuff and went banging on the door of Uncle Leong's suite next door to wake him up from his nap!

Took a bath, and out we went in Dad's Transit into town for some fun! First off we stopped at Tan Kim Hock to stock up on food and delicacies. We hadn't actually had lunch, just a bit of the rice Uncle Phang cooked for us, so we searched for food, and arrived at the cendol store opposite the Cheng Ho museum thingy, but we couldn't see no cendol store in sight!!! The store's moved to another shop just about 10 units down the same street, easy enough to find, thanks to the lady at the museum :)

Tasty Nyonya dumplings! It's fillings are slightly sweet and spicy meat, the blue color comes from the juice of a flower, a blue flower, obviously!

Cendol! Finely ground ice with no hard chunks, lotsa fragrant beans, and good Gula Melaka, yummy!!

Uncle Leong, Aunty Leong, Sze Yuen and Aunt Mee Yin wanted to check the Cheng Ho museum out after the cendol break, but we've been in there just recently, so off we went for a walk in the streets and buy offerings for Aunt May Foong while at it.

A pretty funky looking Suzuki Jiminy I saw on the street, must belong to the guys at the Orang Utan t-shirt store just on the other side of the road, same drawing styles :)
We spent about an hour walking along the streets, browsing in stores for clothes and curio, and noticed more and more peddlars setting up stalls on the road. Turns out that the street is now site for pasar malam every Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening, Jonker Walk, nice.

Sis with a colourful windmill thingy I bought for her, when wind blows, the largest and smallest fans will rotate clockwise while the medium one goes anti, resulting in a beautiful spectrum! I bought one for Yen too! Bro is seen messing hopelessly with the Rubik's Cube he bought at one of the stalls. I haven't seen the cube anymore since that evening, he must have given up and totally forgot about it.

We stopped for drinks and a short break at a coffee shop, but in the end, it turned out to be a long, long break. You know it's so when the sky turned from this:
Photobucket this:

I love the red lamps mounted outside ALL the buildings in Jonker Walk; they contrast very well with the skies and give the place great ambience.

As it got late, all of the stalls are fully-open by then, so off I went walking around with Bro, Sis & Sze Yuen again. I bought 4 sets of glow-in-the-dark skeletons!
Sis got the 16pcs butterfly, me the 39pcs dinosaur, and Bro the 94 pcs crocodile, Sze Yuen took a 34pcs dinosaur, I think.

It was already 2045 when we left Jonker Walk, and we headed to takeaway delicious Hou Jin as supper, Dad and Sis bought some movies while we were waiting too!

Monday morning, we packed up, checked out and headed out to the historical buildings as Aunt Mee Yin hasn't been there in a long time. Parking spots in Melaka are painfully short, but we managed to find good parking spots near the ship museum, so we started walking from there.

Dad and Uncle Leong's Transits. We travel in spacious comfort, only the Sprinters can better the Transits, maybe ;)

Ship museum, awesome, but not as awesome anymore, probably because I've seen it too many times now..

A navy ship on display, not so interesting anymore too. What's interesting is the tower in the background, Menara Taming Sari.


I love ceilings like this, just beautiful...

Getting in the queue to go up..

A view from the top

The historical buildings, I'm so used to looking UP at them, not DOWN on them :p

There's some sorta project going on beside the ship museum, apparently, it involves redirecting the river, creating a new bank yada yada yada. I need to read the papers more; I was totally clueless about Menara Taming Sari and this, wonder what else is going on in Malaysia that I'm not aware about. Must be lots.

Just as we were done taking pics in front of the tower, Uncle Leong's sis called and we joined her for chicken rice lunch in town. We headed to Rawang to visit Aunt May Foong's grave before dropping Bro back at Subang Jaya, after which we started our journey home. Uncle Leong who left Melaka with his sis and family a bit later than us was about half an hour ahead of us on the journey home too then :)

Away from Johor and off to Melaka!

OK, not straight away; before Melaka, we went to visit the iron ore mining site in Pagoh, Johor. The site's hidden pretty well behind some estates, and to get in, I had to drive 8.5km on muddy or gravel-filled roads. And that's after driving over kilometres of winding, secluded roads, fun fun fun! The first time I went in starting from the estate roads, I took about half 35 minutes, with the Transit skipping unhappily over the stones, I drove at only about 30+kph, just to keep everybody comfortable enough. Dad said to just step on it or it'll take me an hour to reach inside :D

We went into the site as Dad wanted to see how's progress going. Going pretty well and fast if what we saw is to go by; even the motors Mr Lim picked up the day before was already being prepared for use. It was lunch time when we arrived, and Uncle Phang cooked rice for us too! We're still full, so he had the rice filled in tupperware for later consumption. He must be very bored inside cuz he's very happy to see us. Must be, because I see that he's got new karaoke equipment in his container! I nearly broke the hammock as I didn't notice the seams have started coming off :p

Mr Lim's still in there too, and he threw some beer bottles into a pond for us to shoot at. I taught Bro and Sis how to handle Dad's Marlin. My aim has certainly gone off, a lot! Boohoohoo, and to think that I used to snootily count my rare misses as waste of good sad... I still managed to hit a lot later after I got used to shooting again, so all is not lost!!! I had to keep reminding Bro and Sis to lock-cock the gun when not shooting, and to always keep the barrel pointed skywards when loaded, for safety. Point it to the ground and it might ricochet off something in case of misfire, reload multiple times after shooting all rounds, just to be sure no maverick shells are accidentally left in the chamber etc etc. Sis accidentally fired a shot into the pond because she didn't pull her finger away from the trigger while reloading, my bad :p I also had the chance to teach them how to handle stuck bullet and jammed hammer situations later, as the Marlin heated up fast after rapid usage, just the way it's always been! Still no pics because I'm still feeling lazy!

On the way out, I drove faster and made it out in 15 minutes! It's so so so so damn fun driving a van thru rocky and muddy roads in the rain, avoiding bumps and runs, while keeping an eye out for the corner!!! Next on was the winding but properly paved roads again, which is fun!!! I'd love to do the same road in a proper 4x4 truck I can trash next time, I couldn't go any faster because I care for the Transit too much. A vibrating sound keeps coming out from the dashboard whenever the Transit's idling now.. poor Transit.

Family visit in Johor!

Me, my family, and Aunt Mee Yin set out early Saturday morning (19042008), stopped for scrumptious fish & meatball porridge breakfast at Kampar pasar, also had lotsa rice dumplings!! Milo ais was very khau too, everything's great! We dropped into Subang Jaya to pick Bro up, then stopped by Melaka toll for awhile to drop two motors for Mr. Lim, then straight we went to Johor!

It was already nearly 1600 when we reached Johor, so we visited Ma Ma (Grandma) first; she's pretty fine, better than before, walks swift, only a bit deaf, but she's over eight and a half decade old, what more could you expect :D Si Gu and family has moved out into another house nearby from Li Gu's house, and Cousin Tong moved his family into another unit just 3-4 houses away from Li Gu, same street :)

At about 1700, Tong led the way to Chew Yi's home, where we all had a bath and set out for dinner at a restaurant just 2 streets away from Li Gu and Tong's home. Tong bought the fishes personally, and took the shark fins from his hoard, lol! The restaurant doesn't sell liquor, so we brought our own. Dinner was great, with everybody coming; all 21 members from the Chuah, Kok, Thoe, & Foong family in the vicinity were over, with the exception of my Lai, it was a ruckus! Tong also kept disappearing throughout the dinner, sending food to his wife Lai, who is still at work, nearby. So, Tong is finally able to keep his infamously foul mouth in check, and they're all lovey dovey again, with nice kids, so darn cool, we're very happy for them. Their kids call me Gor Gor (elder brother) instead of the actual Biao Shu (cousin uncle), makes me still feel damn young, I like them :D

I didn't take any pics because either:
a) I'm lazy
b) I'm busy eating, drinking, chatting
c) It's dark so my camera's crap anyways
d) I'm so happy I forgot

Actually, it's "e) All of the above" :D

The bill for dinner came to RM300+ for both tables. I helped Dad sneak-pay the bill in advance, but Tong and Si Gu who had earlier decided the dinner was on them would have none of it when they found out. Money was pushed around, and in the end it all gets pushed to Ma Ma, who gets it as bonus pocket money, so everybody was happy :D

After dinner, everybody either drove, rode or walked back to Tong's house for more fun. We filled the front of Li Gu's house with cars, yet the guy renting a room his car managed to get his Waja in just fine, pretty good bit of navigating he did! Back at Tong's house, we moved all his coffee tables and chairs out to the porch, Si Gu took the foldable roadshow chairs outta the trunk of his SEG, Tong bought some more liquor from the nearby stalls, plus a few more bottles sitting beside the deity on his altar (just like my home, liquor sitting beside Kuan Yin on the altar, we worship liquor, lol!!), and there we have ourselves another makeshift party!!

The kids were all playing PS2 or card games inside the house, while the others are out there drinking and chatting. Cousin Keong also joined us after attending a wedding banquet in Skudai, and Lai came back from work too.

Everybody had a good time and we went on till well past midnight! It was already nearly 0200 on Sunday morning when we finally got back to Chew Yi's home, bathed, and went to sleep. Chew Yi must be pretty drunk that night; she kept on stalling or going very slow before and after corners on the short way home, freaking Dwa Yi and Dwa Jiu (eldest aunt and unc) out. Keong who was driving his Wira behind nearly bumped into her, and once had to brake until he was forced to steer into another lane! It was pretty ok though, since there wasn't any other traffic that late in the area :D I was pretty amused watching all this, driving the Transit and following them from a safe distance, very safe distance :D :D Chew Yi sobered up pretty soon though; she's inherited Dwa Jiu's zzzuper drinking powahzzzz, it runs in her blood!!

The next morning, we woke up early and had breakfast at a food centre we've visited during our last trip over. It was very crowded, but we managed to hoard exactly the same 2 tables we sat at last time. Si Gu brought Nana out, and this attracted 3 rude girls who kept pestering him and touching Nana while we were eating or having conversations. I mean, seriously, manners please; don't reach under people's arms while they are eating, or keep asking about the dog while Si Gu's obviously speaking to someone else. This, plus the fact that they keep touching Nana, saying "bye" in their shrilly high voices, then coming back again every minute, for about 20 minutes, makes them veli da farkin' annoying, and very well puts them in the list of people I wanna nano-flatten with a 24-wheeler. Li Gu and Tong didn't join us that morning for they were busy with a piping job, or those girls would have gotten some from their laser tongues :p

Breakfast eaten and tummies filled, we bade everyone bye and set off again! It was a great day, to be able to catch up with family and see that Ma Ma is doing very well!

12th April 2008... a busy but joyful day!

Eugene my kai gor is finally a married man, coming in last after his younger siblings. I now have a kai sou, Silvia, who is just as pretty like the Nissan sports coupe by the same name :) The nuptials were carried out at St Michael's Church and the banquet was held at Sun Lei Hau Fook. I also finally got to meet Pinkgi, whom I've been contacting since end of 2005, but have never met, until now. She's a college senior of mine who left before I joined Artes, also a colleague of my friends, and is Eugene's kai mui! This world is so so very small and full of coincidences.

Yen and Sis towards the end of the wedding banquet. They made me cut lotsa balloons loose for them!

12th of April is also when Sis turns 13!

Bro went thru hours of ass-torment and came back Saturday evening just to celebrate Sis's birthday, he left again with Yew on Sunday afternoon.
We went home after the banquet for cake! Dad still looks a bit red from all the alcohol guzzled down during the banquet!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Facebook + Friendster = Awesome!!

Yes it is! I chanced upon the Facebook profile of Jiet Hou, a primary school classmate of mine! Added him up, browsed in his list of friends, and I found Jou Eng! One thing led to another, and with Friendster, I managed to find more names!

Up till now, I've dug up 8 of my primary school classmates, the others being Ying Leong, Weng Yip, Tzer Wei, Wen Hou, Eric Khor & Teik Zhen! 8! Some of them I'd forgotten about, but looking at the names I remembered their full names and how each and everyone of them looked like. I added each and every name I can recognize, and I can still recognize their faces! I sent them messages too; some remember me, some vaguely remember me, one couldn't remember at all, but that's very understandable :p

It's been about a decade since I last saw any of them; after I completed standard 5 at SRK La Salle in 1997, I left for form 1 studies at Poi Lam in 1998, so instead of heading to one of two possible secondary schools with them in 1999, I was separated from my primary mates early, and had lost contact with everyone apart from Kok Wai, Kenneth, but that's only because they're my cousins, and Daryl Yap, because our fathers are friends :p Sze Chuan my childhood friend and primary schoolmate of course I remember and it's thanks to his mom Aunt Jane's fateful decision for signing me up for Poi Lam's entrance exam, but somewhere along the way he became more socially inept than ever, dropped outta school, and we hadn't been talking much since, I wonder what went wrong...

Apart from primary school, I can remember some mates from kindergarten too, like Melvin; the kid who's very friendly with me then, and Timothy Lim; the naughty boy who also went to La Salle with me. There's also a girl my mom says went to Kinderland with me, Esther Chua; her mom is a friend of my mom. Pretty girl, I saw her while waiting for mom outside her house last year, but sadly I can't remember anything about her, nothing at all, ugh this is so sad :( I'm not gay but why can I only remember the guys and not the gals??

Given some time to rummage thru my memory, I can still remember most, if not all of my primary school mates, but I never thought I'd be able to contact any of them anymore. Now I can, though, thanks to Facebook and Friendster, kewl! Facebook & Friendster for the win!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rally equipment from the 80s

Dad went treasure hunting at his old store house, and loaded the W116 with some old junk. He made me help unload his loot on Monday evening and I found some goodies; stuff he used back in his rallying days!

NOS Stanley lamps.

Cibie 2000k foglamps from the rally Levin!! There used to be 4 of these, but only this 2 and a smaller one is left now. I took these apart and washed them the very same day, and they turned out to be pretty decent; lenses still clear, only the chrome is a bit nicked.

I forgot what's this called, but basically it's a trip meter essential for navigation, mounted on the passenger's side of the dashboard. Crack in fascia is a simple fix.

4-point race harnesses! I doubt these are compliant with today's competition standards anymore, but I'm sooo hogging these for when I finally get my own S30!!

Now, if only I can get my hands on that missing set of aluminium rollcage, maybe I can retrofit it too :D

Flooded graves

Set out at 7 this morning for a grave-cleaning spree. First stop was my great-great-grandparents'. As I walked along the main road, I was a bit curious, noticing that there are offerings and candles outside where there are no graves. It dawned on me though, why the offerings are outside, when I walked in and saw this:

For some the ground has caved in slightly and most of the graves near the main road have been flooded, with about less than a feet of the tombstone still visible above the water, less fortunate ones are totally submerged. Family members must have came and realised there's nothing they can do for now, so they just performed the rituals and left the offerings outside. Must be kinda heartwrenching to see the final resting place of their beloved ones in this state, I feel sorry for them.

Anyway, we were lucky my ancestor's grave isn't flooded, so we got off to some cleaning. It's hard work; I've got to clean the graves of my great-great grandparents, then my great grandparents, then finally my paternal grandparents. I think I strained my my back a bit in Rimba Panjang on Sunday, so the pain wasn't helping too. I'll need a wheelchair soon :p