Friday, March 28, 2008

Visit to the dentist's

My Ipoh-born cousin Tat, who grew up in Hong Kong, was back for a visit on Thursday (20032008). He arrived late and famished, so I brought him for dinner at Dong Gu Ting, when his teeth filling fell out, meaning it was a trip to the dentist's for him on the next day.

Tat getting his teeth filled by Dr Tan, who took care of all me and Bro's dental issues since we were kids :) This is the first time I actually get to see what happens when your teeth is in need of filling; there's quite some grinding, drilling, mixing, filling, fitment-testing, filing, and more grinding going on, kinda like patching up walls, just more elaborate!


Touge King said...

Yikes, that looked painful :P

Seriously though, Dr.Tan must be very good for you guys to stick with him for so long.

leong soon said...

Painful? No idea, Tat was grimacing through it all though :p

Dr Tan's a nice and friendly fellow, but we hadn't got much chance to see him since dental problems are a rarity for us (thankfully!!) :D