Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Veli da farkin beesee

That's what's been written on my MSN for about a week now. Its "very the fucking busy" in case you're too thick to figure it out :p Office is busy and hectic, but somehow I'm happier that way; I'm feeling very alive now, something I haven't felt in a long, long, long, long time. I still have some design work to do on name cards and even site layouts. Site layout is unchartered territory to me, and for good reason; I'm not good with the programs I'll be using to do the design, even more no good with action scripts. Anyways, as always, no backing down, and I shall succeed with the design, or die trying (pretend lar). Got some stuff to blog about but just ain't got no time, will have a go at it this weekend, maybe.

On another note, I noticed my blog has been getting a slowly, but steadily increasing stream of visitors lately. Maybe they are interested in my scale plastic model builds? Probably. The incline began about the same time I started posting up my dreams, moulded in plastic. My life is as interesting as watching the DBI dudes clean the ditch and no one is really interested in it, I know it la; I don't go clubbing anymore, I don't travel much, I don't buy new gadgets like my dad owns the electronics store, I don't drive no Italian raging bull with a flaming V10, heck, I'm getting fatter and fuglier as I go, so well, the only guy possibly interested in my life is, well, me.


Russ said...

Looks like we have a lot in common.. getting fatter & uglier.. haha
Work is important but dont forget to exercise also! Sigh, I need to visit the gym more often...

leong soon said...

What? You still look great, and you don't have a big round belly like me!!! Yea, have to exercise, but I keep procrastinating :(