Sunday, March 30, 2008


Been following Dad to junkyards around town a lot lately, sourcing materials and machinery needed for an upgrade project in Pagoh, things are a bit slow but definitely progressing.


This was where I spent most of Monday (24032008) afternoon, selecting used stuff, for a few hours, under the hot sun. Yay. RM16 for a piece of used 9 inch x 1 inch x 8 feet plank anyone? Dang, junk sure have gotten expensive. Don't even ask about used rubber sheets; the price sure makes it sound like those are made of silk. It's little wonder Dad's always been thinking of getting into the junk business; you buy dirt cheap and then sell it for a nice profit, nice prospects. I left my E900 at home that day so I brought the C160 I bought on the 20th, managed to let it slip and it came back from the ground with a nasty looking gash near the top of the screen. Yay again. Good thing it was super el cheapo at RM199; I bought it with mishaps and abuse in mind, but too bad it couldn't stay handsome a little bit longer :p

Went to junkyards in Menglembu and Silibin on Saturday, Dad went one extra at Pusing. I fetched Sis from school with Mom, we then met up with Dad again and had lunch at See Kee, just behind the Shell petrol station near the Menglembu groundnuts roundabout; they serve rice with assorted dishes there, and the food tastes good, price was reasonable too, so it looks like we've got another lunch spot on the rare occasions we're stuck in Menglembu in the afternoons :)

Got home at about 1430, weather was unbearably, stuffily, warm that day, and I've been driving since 8 in the morning, so I plonked down to bed and didn't wake until 1745!

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