Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ipoh is small, so so very small...

Friday at last!! Was supposed to meet up with Khong Chuan and Hoon Fei for drinks at 2030 last night, but I had a dinner to attend in Menglembu earlier so it got pushed to 2130.

On my way home from Menglembu, I noticed a Kia Carnival coming at me, from my lane!!!! I just avoided him, thinking the bugger's drunk or something, turns out he wasn't; the road ahead was flooded, so some other cars were reversing too. I've set my Xantia up at it's highest suspension height, and that makes the whole body hang about 1 feet + above ground level, so I should be able to cross minor floods safely, like I've always did. I was waiting for the Pajero about 5 cars ahead of me to go through the water, to see how deep the flood is, just to be safe, but it didn't move, and the other cars are all making their ways back towards my direction. I couldn't get through either, so I reversed and made a detour to Fulim and went back that way, shouting and signalling at oncoming vehicles to just take the turn earlier and avoid the flood together. GAH!!! What is the joy of driving a Xantia if I haven't got a chance to show off the vehicle height adjustment!!!!

Anyway, I went back home, took a bath and set out to Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden East, where Khong Chuan said to wait at in his SMS, and so I waited, 5 minutes past 2130... 10 minutes... 15 minutes... and none of them are to be seen! Called the bugger and turns out the kopitiam he meant was Fook Tsing!!! Pok kai, should have been more specific!!! ...Drove over to Fook Tsing with a cup of Old Town Kopitiam Xi Mut Milk Tea in my hand... so dorky.

Khong Chuan and Kor Yoong were already at Fook Tsing when I arrived. Haven't seen Kor Yoong since CNY 2007 as he's working in Singapore. Hoon Fei and Siew Gim arrived a little later. We chatted for a while before I noticed Chew Yee and Poh coming down to sit at another table by the road too! Chew Yee was easy to notice as he was wearing the shirt I helped him choose last week :D Went over and yakked with them a bit, and then I noticed Duncan driving by, so we called him over too.

Before Hoon Fei and Gim arrived, there was this incident when Khong Chuan and Kor Yoong was gawking at a leggy girl with fair complexion and pretty good figure behind them, her face is pretty ok too. When I said I couldn't see her because Kor Yoong's was blocking her from my view, he went "Yawor!! I can see her better if I'm sitting next to you!!". So he came to sit by me, and Khong Chuan followed suit *faints*. I suddenly feel very much like part of a perverted trio....

It was already 0030 and we were about to leave when I noticed Soon Siang across the road, then we saw Kee behind him, and Soon Keat too! Such a coincidence, haven't seen those 3 in ages too. They came over and soo we were joined by another 2 Poi Lam students from next class too, I don't know their names but we definitely recognize each other :D The whole bunch of us had a great time talking about school and old times, a lot of names which we can vaguely remember came up. We also got to know that Kee has been back working in Ipoh, helping his dad, after his studies. It's sometimes strange how we're all in Ipoh for extended periods of time, but never bump into each other, until this one fateful night. It's so good to see some faces which I've become so accustomed to, yet haven't actually seen in a long long time, definitely gotta keep in touch more! We left at about 0130, and all had a great time!

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