Friday, March 28, 2008

The day trip to... nowhere?

After having dim sum breakfast with Kah Wai, Kah Hoe & Aunt Mee Yin at Kok Kee on Saturday morning, Dad thought it was a good idea to go visit Gua Tempurung as we haven't been there before. There's 7 of us with 5 in the family, plus Yen and Tat, so we took the Transit. And so we went. And it rained. Yay.

Wanted to visit Uncle Phillip's utopia in Tapah, but he was attending the F1 race event at Sepang. Yay again.

In the end, we took a detour and had lunch at Lawan Kuda. YAY! I forgot the name of the restaurant again, but the food's quite good :)

Waiting for yays :p

Went home after that, and on the way, it rained down hard on us again. I know, yay.

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