Monday, February 11, 2008

Night at the funfair!

I don't know what these are supposed to be called anymore, I think it's carnival but its so darn small so I'll just call it a funfair :p

My family and Yen went to dinner at Uncle Choo's house on the 6th (Wednesday), and I went to the fair with Yen, Bro & Sis after that :)

The ferris wheel that greeted us at the entrance, it was spinning too fast to be not scary, I think :p

The tokens, I was expecting some fancy minted coins I can keep as souveneir, not pieces of random coloured laminated cardboard, bummer, but this IS in Ipoh, so I guess that's what it is.

The first ride we jumped on is the bumper car ride, of course :)
The ride's very very fun, of course, the cars are shabby but who cares? We were busy trying to ram the crap out of each other anyways :D

Next Bro tried a silly "scoop a duck" game, and got a pink CD holder. RM4 wasted...

There wasn't much variety at the fair, only the usual ghost house, train rides, merry-go-round, and some faster round rides. There was also another wheel, larger than the one at the entrance, couldn't get good pics of it though since it was pretty much in the middle of everything else.


Yen and Sis went for a ride in some spaceships that went up and down a round platform, but not before the two "expert" operators spent 20 minutes separating friends, sitting a pair of twins apart and some others, apparently to "balance" the weight on the ride, the hell... They tried twice to separate Sis and Yen too, but got machined-gunned kao kao by me and Bro who were already pissed waiting by the sides. We told them to just refund our tokens and we'll be off if they wouldn't even let us choose who to ride with, simple as that. They didn't get their way with us, of course, and went on to impose their "physics" on other patrons, who were equally unimpressed, but didn't bother or dare to protest, possibly the latter since most are kids. This is utter bullcrap, if the ferris wheel, spinning teacups, and other faster circular rides can go without "precision balancing", why can't this lousy spaceship?

Uber-human-sight-precision "balanced" spaceship. And we get to ride on it for RM3 per pop, cool. NASA would be sooo envious, I just know it.

Next off, we went for another go at the bumper car ride, but there were more patrons in the arena with us this time, and the cars were noticably less powerful; I had to go some distance and gather momentum before being able to give other cars a nice shock this time round :p Don't know how the electrics work, but the number of active cars probably had an inversely proportional effect on performance, it was still very fun nonetheless :)

Last ride for the night was Sis & Yen on the spinning teacups.
Spinning teacups = fun :D

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