Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fujimi Initial D FC3S RX-7

This arrived today, yes, another RX-7 :D Not because I'm so hopelessly addicted to RXs though, but because I broke a part on my previous FC, and had to get a spare to complete my model.

Yep, it's Takahashi Ryousuke's White Comet from Initial D!

This kit is way worth the money because it's filled with extra parts optional to the build. It's got 3 different front bumpers, 4 different rear spoilers, 4 styles of side mirrors including aero mirrors and check this out, fender mirrors! Also included in the kit are 7 bucket seats. 7!!! That's enough for a mini-van!!! The main reason why I bought the kit though, is for the optional Ferrari and MR2 style rear hatch, making the original glass rear window available for my black FC. With so many spares and optional parts included, I had a lot of trouble deciding how I should build it :D

Anyway, here's one I've settled on for the moment:

Notice the MR2 style rear hatch, which adds some exotic flair to the RX-7.

A comparison with my nearly-complete black FC with the broken rear window.

Stock bumper and spoiler for early model FCs, not gonna use this.

Another set of spoiler and bumper with more dramatic looks!

I've actually completed the previous 3 models that I started on earlier, but have forgotten to post pics of em, will do so soon, haven't got time to spend on modelling lately!


Russ said...

Dude, you're a car model addict.. hehe.. sorry never commented on your blog for so long, kinda no semangat to blog myself.. never fear, will try to keep up blogging.. so when u coming to KL? :P

leong soon said...

Yes I am!! Got no money for the real thing yet, so I'll have to satisfy myself with 1/24s for now :D

Yea, you'd better start updating your blog soon lest we think you've been lost at sea. Me coming to KL? Haha, not sure yet, but will contact you when I do :)

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know if you can get the MR2 rear for a real FC?

please email me if you know where

leong soon said...

Kriz, nope, no idea where you can get that hatch, or any parts for the FC. Maybe you'll get luckier on ebay hehe :)