Monday, February 4, 2008


Was cleaning up my room on Saturday and found these:
Lots of ang paus from CNY 2007, all unopened! I've taken out all the money this time, so I now have extra money to spend on... on... oh wait, I don't know how I'd spend it yet. I think I'll just dunk the money into my savings account before I spend it all on some silly stuff again :p

After further scavenging in the drawers, I found more ang paus! The stash on the left is from CNY 2006, no more money in those though, safe for a few I missed last year :p


Stanley said...'ll be great if all those were filled with cash.....who might've missed opening one.

leong soon said...

Yeah, I did miss a few, but I made another sweep and it's all clean now :)