Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad luck, again :(

Just as I'd suspected, my bad luck's not gone yet, just lurking round, waiting to strike :(

Bad luck 1: I ate one too many tasty pineapple jam tarts made by aunt and ended up with a swollen tongue just before 1st day of CNY, meaning I couldn't really enjoy those tasty springrolls Mom made. Yea it's my fault, but still.... boohoooo :(

Bad luck 2: My Xantia's alternator failed me again while I was leaving Coco Cafe after a drink with my high school friends on Saturday. Not much of a problem though, I decided I'll worry about that on Monday, so I just switched off the stereo and aircon, and drove all the way to Yi Keat's home, which was nearby :D

Bad luck 3: Fortunately, my calculations were correct and there's still enough charge in the battery to get the Xantia started after having fun at Yi Keat's home. Unfortunately, some drunk bugger rode his bike into the rear left door just as I was about to cross a small intersection completely. I was doing about 60-70kph so he swerved a bit and fell. I alighted, checked the damage first and went on to see if the rider was ok (yea I checked my car first, the rider's not gonna die lar, just fall :p). The following conversation was kinda funny though:

Me: You okay? (walking over, while the rider was getting up and someone else was helping get his bike up, bike looks fine, broken front number plate and mudguard, and maybe crooked rims, front forks)

Rider: *mumble mumble*

Me: Er, you alright or not woh?

Rider: You say leh?

Me: How I know, you're the one who fell, not me :p (yes I'm insensitive, so sue me)

Rider procedes to pick up pirated DVD that fell of bike, walk to side of road, then reached inside his pants to his left thigh, peeked and touched around a bit (note: not a comfortable sight at all...)

Rider: Slightly bruised lar..

Me: Do you wanna make a report or get medical attention?

Rider: No need lar, I'm salah ma, drunk summore (not that drunk la if he knows he was wrong). So how are you? Good or not? Gong Hei Fatt Choy.. (then turns around and wishes everybody else who was having fun and looking out of the house by the intersection the same)

Me: .......... ok, I'm off, bye...

Gah!! I'm sad, why is my car so unlucky????? More scuff marks on the door and rim, no noticable dent though, and my car wasn't mint anymore, anyway. Oh well.. Chinese New Year, so I let it go la, I'm just taking it that me and the rider weren't so lucky and had to start the year slightly bad. It could have been worse, at least that guy wasn't seriously hurt.


香蕉 said...

come on friend...all bad luck will gone!...don't worry...alex lim is here to support you...

leong soon said...

Ahaha, thanks! Think my bad luck has gone now, nothing bad has happened to me in the past weel :D