Monday, February 25, 2008

Alpine A110 1600SC engine

Spent 2 Saturday afternoon hours on this:
Cylinder head painted Sparkling Blue instead of plain old chrome.


Shiny exhaust manifold :)

I love how the cylinder head, twin carburetors and exhaust manifolds turned out, suspension springs need work though. I might also rework the carburetor "trumpets" for a more realistic finish. The rear suspension arm and linkages is the most tricky assembly I've worked on up till now, so it was a bit frustrating and fun to work on at the same time, got it right in the end. I'm happy!! Now, if only this is real...


Wong C. MartiN said...

it looks so nice!!
u really have patience to paint it.

leong soon said...

Thanks! I don't usually have that much patience, but I'm inexplicably hooked to anything that has an engine. Maybe you should try it? It's quite a rewarding and satisfying hobby :)