Monday, February 25, 2008

Alpine A110 1600SC engine

Spent 2 Saturday afternoon hours on this:
Cylinder head painted Sparkling Blue instead of plain old chrome.


Shiny exhaust manifold :)

I love how the cylinder head, twin carburetors and exhaust manifolds turned out, suspension springs need work though. I might also rework the carburetor "trumpets" for a more realistic finish. The rear suspension arm and linkages is the most tricky assembly I've worked on up till now, so it was a bit frustrating and fun to work on at the same time, got it right in the end. I'm happy!! Now, if only this is real...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fujimi Initial D FC3S RX-7

This arrived today, yes, another RX-7 :D Not because I'm so hopelessly addicted to RXs though, but because I broke a part on my previous FC, and had to get a spare to complete my model.

Yep, it's Takahashi Ryousuke's White Comet from Initial D!

This kit is way worth the money because it's filled with extra parts optional to the build. It's got 3 different front bumpers, 4 different rear spoilers, 4 styles of side mirrors including aero mirrors and check this out, fender mirrors! Also included in the kit are 7 bucket seats. 7!!! That's enough for a mini-van!!! The main reason why I bought the kit though, is for the optional Ferrari and MR2 style rear hatch, making the original glass rear window available for my black FC. With so many spares and optional parts included, I had a lot of trouble deciding how I should build it :D

Anyway, here's one I've settled on for the moment:

Notice the MR2 style rear hatch, which adds some exotic flair to the RX-7.

A comparison with my nearly-complete black FC with the broken rear window.

Stock bumper and spoiler for early model FCs, not gonna use this.

Another set of spoiler and bumper with more dramatic looks!

I've actually completed the previous 3 models that I started on earlier, but have forgotten to post pics of em, will do so soon, haven't got time to spend on modelling lately!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sushi dinner!

I made Yen really really really really really *feel free to repeat.....* sad earlier, so I took her to out to dinner last night to make up to her. Took Dad's Multipla out cause my Xantia was still "temporarily out of service". At first I wanted to eat at Scotch but it was full and there were quite some patrons waiting to be seated at the entrance, so we went to Sushi King at Jusco instead as Yen wanted Yee Sang and I haven't actually had some good sushi in a very very long time.

There was a bit of a queue when we arrived but we got seated promptly, thanks to a couple in front of us who insisted on a booth, even if it means waiting more, so we got the seats instead :p

I was very eager to start eating because I've been sushi-deprived for ages, so I got down to business quickly :p
The empty plates stacked up....
....and up, very quickly. Yen took all these pics :)

A happy Yen and relieved me, with mouth full of sushi!

The mini Yee Sang that we ordered, it's cheap fare but still quite scrumptious, and slightly different to the chinese Yee Sang we're used to :)

Whie eating, we saw Ying passing by with her parents and distracting Wendy who was working :p

After dinner, we had a walk around, then I went back to Sushi King to order takeaway mini Yee Sang for Wendy while she and Yen were chatting in the clothes store. After bidding Wendy bye, me and Yen walked up to the cinema to check showing times for some flicks, and ended up taking some sticker pictures in the arcade :D

I sent Yen back and went home after that :)

Bad luck, again :(

Just as I'd suspected, my bad luck's not gone yet, just lurking round, waiting to strike :(

Bad luck 1: I ate one too many tasty pineapple jam tarts made by aunt and ended up with a swollen tongue just before 1st day of CNY, meaning I couldn't really enjoy those tasty springrolls Mom made. Yea it's my fault, but still.... boohoooo :(

Bad luck 2: My Xantia's alternator failed me again while I was leaving Coco Cafe after a drink with my high school friends on Saturday. Not much of a problem though, I decided I'll worry about that on Monday, so I just switched off the stereo and aircon, and drove all the way to Yi Keat's home, which was nearby :D

Bad luck 3: Fortunately, my calculations were correct and there's still enough charge in the battery to get the Xantia started after having fun at Yi Keat's home. Unfortunately, some drunk bugger rode his bike into the rear left door just as I was about to cross a small intersection completely. I was doing about 60-70kph so he swerved a bit and fell. I alighted, checked the damage first and went on to see if the rider was ok (yea I checked my car first, the rider's not gonna die lar, just fall :p). The following conversation was kinda funny though:

Me: You okay? (walking over, while the rider was getting up and someone else was helping get his bike up, bike looks fine, broken front number plate and mudguard, and maybe crooked rims, front forks)

Rider: *mumble mumble*

Me: Er, you alright or not woh?

Rider: You say leh?

Me: How I know, you're the one who fell, not me :p (yes I'm insensitive, so sue me)

Rider procedes to pick up pirated DVD that fell of bike, walk to side of road, then reached inside his pants to his left thigh, peeked and touched around a bit (note: not a comfortable sight at all...)

Rider: Slightly bruised lar..

Me: Do you wanna make a report or get medical attention?

Rider: No need lar, I'm salah ma, drunk summore (not that drunk la if he knows he was wrong). So how are you? Good or not? Gong Hei Fatt Choy.. (then turns around and wishes everybody else who was having fun and looking out of the house by the intersection the same)

Me: .......... ok, I'm off, bye...

Gah!! I'm sad, why is my car so unlucky????? More scuff marks on the door and rim, no noticable dent though, and my car wasn't mint anymore, anyway. Oh well.. Chinese New Year, so I let it go la, I'm just taking it that me and the rider weren't so lucky and had to start the year slightly bad. It could have been worse, at least that guy wasn't seriously hurt.

Mui Mui's new dress!

It'a Chinese New Year, so Mui Mui gets to strut around in her new red garb!!
Awwww.. so cute :)

Yen made her clips with some ribbons and pin, looks good enough :)

Night at the funfair!

I don't know what these are supposed to be called anymore, I think it's carnival but its so darn small so I'll just call it a funfair :p

My family and Yen went to dinner at Uncle Choo's house on the 6th (Wednesday), and I went to the fair with Yen, Bro & Sis after that :)

The ferris wheel that greeted us at the entrance, it was spinning too fast to be not scary, I think :p

The tokens, I was expecting some fancy minted coins I can keep as souveneir, not pieces of random coloured laminated cardboard, bummer, but this IS in Ipoh, so I guess that's what it is.

The first ride we jumped on is the bumper car ride, of course :)
The ride's very very fun, of course, the cars are shabby but who cares? We were busy trying to ram the crap out of each other anyways :D

Next Bro tried a silly "scoop a duck" game, and got a pink CD holder. RM4 wasted...

There wasn't much variety at the fair, only the usual ghost house, train rides, merry-go-round, and some faster round rides. There was also another wheel, larger than the one at the entrance, couldn't get good pics of it though since it was pretty much in the middle of everything else.


Yen and Sis went for a ride in some spaceships that went up and down a round platform, but not before the two "expert" operators spent 20 minutes separating friends, sitting a pair of twins apart and some others, apparently to "balance" the weight on the ride, the hell... They tried twice to separate Sis and Yen too, but got machined-gunned kao kao by me and Bro who were already pissed waiting by the sides. We told them to just refund our tokens and we'll be off if they wouldn't even let us choose who to ride with, simple as that. They didn't get their way with us, of course, and went on to impose their "physics" on other patrons, who were equally unimpressed, but didn't bother or dare to protest, possibly the latter since most are kids. This is utter bullcrap, if the ferris wheel, spinning teacups, and other faster circular rides can go without "precision balancing", why can't this lousy spaceship?

Uber-human-sight-precision "balanced" spaceship. And we get to ride on it for RM3 per pop, cool. NASA would be sooo envious, I just know it.

Next off, we went for another go at the bumper car ride, but there were more patrons in the arena with us this time, and the cars were noticably less powerful; I had to go some distance and gather momentum before being able to give other cars a nice shock this time round :p Don't know how the electrics work, but the number of active cars probably had an inversely proportional effect on performance, it was still very fun nonetheless :)

Last ride for the night was Sis & Yen on the spinning teacups.
Spinning teacups = fun :D

Monday, February 4, 2008


Was cleaning up my room on Saturday and found these:
Lots of ang paus from CNY 2007, all unopened! I've taken out all the money this time, so I now have extra money to spend on... on... oh wait, I don't know how I'd spend it yet. I think I'll just dunk the money into my savings account before I spend it all on some silly stuff again :p

After further scavenging in the drawers, I found more ang paus! The stash on the left is from CNY 2006, no more money in those though, safe for a few I missed last year :p