Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bad luck, very, very bad luck

How bad can my luck get? Two radiator fan relays shorted out on my Xantia last week, I replaced those and the next day, smoke came out of the steering stalk while I was driving. Found out the headlamp switch was malfunctioning, hence the foglamps and horn failing way earlier. Not too long after I replaced the lamp switch, the fan relays stopped working properly again so I had the sockets replaced with new ones too. After I got my car back with the new sockets I discovered the radiator was leaking. Fine, repairs again, very fine. Alternator failed after radiator repair, so that got fixed too. The mechanics mistakenly put in a dead battery which wasn't mine in my car, and it wouldn't start after I turned the ignition off, which means I got drenched in heavy rain yesterday while waiting for Sis outside school. Two mechanics came and put a temporal battery in my car and I went home with that, and this morning, an aunty reversed her new Vios into my car while waiting in front of the post office!! Lucky Xantias are sturdy and there's only a slight paint chip in the bumper. GAHHHHHH!!!!! Why me??!!!!! I didn't do anything bad, I've never snatched kids' candy, stuck bubble gum on chairs, peeped under people's skirts, kicked dogs or pissed in elevators, so why me???!!! I have a feeling my bad luck ain't over yet..... :(


Touge King said...

Man... I guess it wasn't your best day :P But cheer up dude, you fixed pretty much everything there is to fix on your Xantia, and you did that before the CNY, not DURING CNY :)

Cheer up buddy!

leong soon said...

Yea, you're right, somehow I'm glad those happened before CNY. Here's hoping it WON'T happen during CNY :p