Monday, January 14, 2008

Another week gone by..

End of another week, which wasn't very eventful, but fun nonetheless :) It's time again for me to update my blog, lest people think I've been kidnapped by aliens :p

Office was pretty boring as usual, but Fern & Terry came to have lunch with me on Tuesday (8th January), we went to a cafe at Great World Plaza. Food and drinks were ok for the price, but the taste could have been better. We chatted a lot, and complained about Sunway :p I noticed Terry's neck was swollen and he said its got something to do with the thyroid glands and he's taking medication, so it's all under control. Better take good care of yourself friend :)

Yen made me breakfast on Wednesday morning and we went for video editting class one hour late, as usual :p Turns out there wasn't much going around in class as Ping & San has gone for a trip to Korea (lucky girls!!) so I whiled away playing games and checking up laptop specs for Sauw Leng instead. I had lunch with Yen, Trisha, Chew Yee, & Reece at Jusco food court, and we caught I Am Legend again while Chew Yee went off to meet a friend.

Friday, last day of the work week, finally! Office hours' changed this year so we'll be working from 0830 to 1800 daily, instead of 1730, and having Saturdays off now! JasonCheng has started work nearby and walked over for lunch, and we spent time talking bad about college again :p It's official, sad truth, but we all unanimously hate school now, and only care about getting our arses out as soon as possible :(

Went yumcha at Happy Valley at nite with Khong Chuan, and Hoon Fei arrived late again, so me and Khong Chuan yakked away about while waiting for Hoon Fei to arrive :) Turns out Khong Chuan and me spent the day at work about the same; YouTube :p

Saturday morning I spent detailing my model kits, then I started work on the Multipla after lunch. I partially removed the roof and interior panels, then wrapped the wires and cables in sponge, hoping it would muffle the noise in the roof. It seemed as if my layman job had worked when I tested the car around the neighbourhood at first, but upon a few short drives out today, the horrible truth dawned on me, and its that the noise hasn't been muffled one bit. Epic fail. One whole afternoon wasted, and I was feeling darn confident it would work too!!!! So many screws, plastic panels, rubber strips, & clips removed and reassemble for nothing! I have now accepted the fact that the noise must be coming from a nook or cranny hidden in the 4th dimension, only accessible when the roof is reassembled, and that I'd probably never be able to get rid of it in my lifetime, so there, noisy ride it is :( Darn Italians! The whole car was so well designed and they had to slack off at the roof! &#$%^&*(%(*&^%$#!!!

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