Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yen & Mui Mui in the papers!

I got an SMS from Yi Keat this morning. It read: "Ur gal's on star o.0". So it's today! And I thought I'd missed it last week!

I grabbed a copy of The Star right after breakfast, flipped to Metro and there it is! The pic:
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Whoever wrote the caption got Yen's age wrong, 19!!! Haha, she must be feeling darn happy now, to think that her age is now 2 years younger :p

And the Chihuahua's name is actually spelt VANICE, not WENNICE, lol. I was aware that it's highly possible the spelling is different, but was never curious enough to ask, well, now I know. By the way, Ginger is Vanice's "mom" :)

I got a few calls asking me if I saw the article, but Yi Keat's fastest with the info, as usual, thanks for the heads up, buddy, if you're still reading my blog :p


"Ku-ru" said...

darn bangga la u...ishhhhh

leong soon said...

Haha, memang pun! So how?! Muahaha :p