Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yes enchanted we are!! Me, Yen, Trisha and Ivan caught the film this afternoon at Jusco. Fun, entertaining, fresh = all understatements. It is absolutely one of the greatest movies of the year!!

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It starts like any other classic Disney fare; beautiful damsel Giselle, longs for her Prince Charming, Edward, who while on a troll-hunting spree hears Giselle song, and by even more chance gets to meet and save her from said troll on their first encounter. They look at each other, break into a song, fall in love, and ride off into the sunset, followed by happy talking animals. Happily ever after ending huh? Nah, rather, it's the ending of the similarities.

Enchanted is different in that it pokes fun at Disney's age old "Happily Ever After" motto. Sent off into "reality" by Edward's scheming stepmother, Giselle ends up in present day New York and is picked up by Robert, a kindly but no-nonsense divorce lawyer who introduces Giselle to anger, separation, and funnily, dating, all concepts alien to the "love at first sight and happily ever after" ways of fairy tales. It's really amusing to see how fairy tale characters will cope with our world, and how Giselle will make herself a new dress off a curtain everyday.

There are elements and obvious references to classic Disney fares thrown into the mix every now and then to bring about a sense of familarity to audiences who grew up with tales of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid (not obvious, but it's there) and even Mulan!
The twists are fresh and welcome; who needs Prince Charming when the damsel can pick a sword and go against a dragon on her own? :)

Enchanted is well worth a few watches, couldn't find anything wrong with it, don't miss this one!!

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A client from the office made us these today, It's like Put Jai Gou, but with more distinct flavoring as the coloring is all from natural ingredients. Just couldn't resist posting this pic because I like the colours a lot :)

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