Monday, December 31, 2007

Chun Pin & Lean Lee's wedding

Oh hi! Been kinda busy for the past week and just remembered I have a blog to update, so updates it is now :p

Yew came over to my house before heading back to KL last Saturday (22nd December). I didn't know he was gonna come back to Ipoh that Friday or return to KL so soon, so I bought a bus ticket to KL for 1130 on the 23rd as I'm supposed to attend Chun Pin and Lean Lee's wedding on Sunday evening. I made Yew wait for me while I took a super cincai bath, packed my stuff, and promptly jumped into his car for the trip to KL :p Bus ticket wasted, RM13.40 gone, that's 9 glasses of kopi ais :(

It was already 2010 when we reached Subang and I spent 5 hours chatting on MSN and playing miscellaneous cacat games at Autosurf while Yew, my bro, Joe Yan and another friend wasted their brain cells playing Perfect World and DotA.

It was nearly 0200 before we left Autosurf and went for drinks at a nearby mamak stall, food was good, the Milo was large and khau enough, but we couldn't even comprehend what the Indian waiter was trying to say most of the time, weirdo.

Me and Yew bunked in Simon's room at the house where Bro, Joe Yan and Bao Siew previously lived too. The house was filthy, luckily Simon's room was well-kept :)

Sunday afternoon went by pretty slow; we woke up at 1100 then set out for breakfast / lunch at BurgerKing at about 1200, dang, I missed BK burgers, been real long since I've had any. Bro & Joe Yan left for Ipoh from Pudu while his other friend headed back for Penang at about 1430.

With nothing to do, me and Yew wasted sometime strolling around Sunway Pyramid, with nothing much to see, except for 7 feet tall PowerPuff Girls, Mojo Jojo, Dexter & his sis dancing and singing on stage :) Yea, it was so interesting, we left soon afterwards, and moved our stuff from Simon's room to Bro's room at his new rented room in another house just on the next street; it's so much cleaner at this newly rented home, and Bro, Joe Yan & Bao Siew have all got separate rooms now, instead of sharing one uber-huge master room like they did previously.

My bro previously told me that there are about 8-9 residents in the house, but he has yet to see every other single resident of the house, apart from his friends (obviously, they, like, go out together, duh), and I think I he's right; I've been there for about 2 days, hiding in the room most of the time, but every now and then when I walk out, I can see that the front sliding door's either opened or closed, shoes & slippers have been shuffled, bowls appeared unwashed on the kitchen sink, then washed, the rear door unlocked with keys left there, then locked again, the front porch lights turned on at night and off in the morning, and so on. Me and Yew have seen nobody else in that house but the signs of life are there, creepy, no wonder Bro has a baseball bat in his room nowadays :p

Bro's room at this house is pretty small, but I guess it's enough for him alone, even me and Yew could operate comfortably in the room; him being stuck in front of his laptop playing Perfect World all day *shakes head*, and me sitting on the bed reading magazines from 2006 I found on the living room table, Initial D comic, and newspapers.

Yew dropped me opposite Pyramid on his way out to meet Boy, and Sis Teng picked me up. I had got my dates all mixed up and the wedding dinner wasn't on Sunday, but Monday instead, so I'll just be attending the beehun party at Chun Pin and then Lean Lee's homes instead. Teng just got off work so I followed her home while she had a change of clothes before we headed out for light dinner at Oldtown Kopitiam, dang, feels almost like Ipoh :) We then met up with Wan Hong and Yee Mui at Pudu, and after a few freeway exit misses, made it to Kepong and waited at a petrol station while Chun Pin came out to lead the way. Billy said he'd lead the way to Chun Pin's house with Kah Mun earlier, but both didn't turn up :p Me & Teng at first thought the "P" sticker on Hong's Myvi was Yee Mui's, but after all the highway driving and confimation from the man himself, it turns out to be Hong's :p

Hong, Yee Mui, Teng & me had some food at Chun Pin's home, sat around, chatted a bit and promptly left, after telling him we're going over to his wife's place :) I last saw this guy during CNY last year and he's gained quite some weight :p Next, we went to PJ and waited for Hoe to bath, after leaving work 30 minutes early. I just realised then that this was where I went for dim sum breakfast before MotoGP earlier!

After picking Hoe up, the five of us headed for Lean Lee's home, Me & Hoe in Hong's car and Yee Mui in Teng's car. Hong kept getting lost and couldn't follow Teng, who kept changing lanes erratically without using the signal *shakes head again*. After taking the (insert number you like)th time taking the wrong turn, we finally reached the approximate area of Lean Lee's home. Hong went his own way after that as he has to meet some friends elsewhere, so me & Hoe switched to Teng's Kelisa. We sat around, looked at the wedding pics, chatted a bit and talked about old times. Chun Pin and Lean Lee got together when the whole bunch of us got to know each other in NS more than 3 years ago, and the two are finally tying the knot now, so it's a really happy occasion for all of us :)

I couldn't attend the wedding dinner on Monday evening as I've left for Ipoh at 1330 in the afternoon, so I didn't get to meet Kun, Hak Kai, Billy and Mang Lam, maybe next time :)

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