Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Tree!!

Sis suggested we put up a Christmas tree at home, last night, as we're not doing it at the office this year, so I drove us to the shop where Dad stuffs his stuff and searched for the boxes containing the tree and decor. We had to go back once as we missed the box containing the decors, and another once because I left the wire I wanted for a 1/24 scale roll cage there. Old already, so forgetful :p

Anyway, we searched high and low for the lights but couldn't find it, turns out those are still stashed under the office staircase. Got those home today and completed the tree!


Yea, it's simple, it's small, it's old, and it really isn't as impressive as those completely white 12 foot giants you see at the malls (which I happen to like a lot, too), but still, 20 feet of colourful bulbs around heaps upon heaps of green plastic really does add some cheer to the living room :) And by the way, yea, those presents at the base of the tree are REALLY filled with gifts, most of em promotional gifts from a certain petrol station and credit card company, so I can unwrap any one I fancy to uncover a diecast F1 car or a cute bear-shaped radio anytime, cool eh? Jealous? Don't be, muahahah ;)


"Ku-ru" said...

walaoooooooo...jealous??? next year i put madarin tree in my house sin...mnake u more jealous!!!!!!! muahahahahahahahaha

Touge King said...

Nice tree! I like it :)

Merry Christmas to you bro!

leong soon said...

Ying: hehe, come la, I put an even bigger tree :p

TK: Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to you too :)