Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekend at Johor Baru

YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Finally completed all my web design assignments, and some freelance work too! Time to kick back a bit!

Everybody in the house went to visit Grandma at Johor Baru last Saturday; she has some breathing difficulties but other than that she's quite fine. Got to meet lotsa relatives too, as most of Mom's siblings are making a living in Singapore, so the trip was kinda fun :) I brought my camera along but ended up not taking any pics as I was quite tired, having drove a lot.

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A very tired Dad and Sis. Mom was busy catching up with her sis :)

We left JB at about 1000 in the morning, after having breakfast, as we had some business to attend to at LCCT. On the way home, something pretty scary happened. I pushed the Transit's engine too hard all the way and didn't pay attention to the fuel level; the needle was dangerously low in the red zone when I finally noticed it, had to go slow for about 10kms or so until a refuel was possible :p

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