Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sis's Primary School Graduation!

Yesterday, Friday (16/11/2007) was Sis's graduation from primary school.

I was there since 0930 in the morning, sitting thru about 10 years of seemingly endless speeches by random guest of honours, trying to keep myself awake, resisting the urge to fling a cow up the stage and cause amok, just so that I can see Sis perform with the other ballet students. It's surprising, now that I think of it; after years of sending her to and fetching her back from ballet classes, I've never actually seen Sis perform.

After the 1 hour speech that seemed like 10 years, I called Mom & Dad who were still busy at work to come, Dad walked over alone as Mom's still busy at the office. 5 years and what must have been 300 gift presentations later, me and Dad are still waiting for the performance to begin. The gift and souveneir presentation took so long that I actually had time to drive back to the office, get Mom, and hunt for another parking spot after reaching school again. We stood outside the hall for another 5 years or so before the presentations ended and the performances began.

I caught a video of Sis's performance but it's 200mb+, I'm sure uploading that will take an eternity or two, so I'll be skipping that :p I had to hold the camera with my hands only for about 5 minutes, and the video ended up very steady. I'm very sure I've been cured of Alzheimer's now :p

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Sis with her ballet dancer friends!

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Mom, Sis & Dad :)

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