Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Was at the weekly dog-training session again on Sunday morning, I arrived to see Yen leading Mui Mui on walks around pre-determined points on the pavement. Ivan was leading Gordon on the routine too. Mok is busy snapping pics and chatting with his photographer friend. Wennice was there too! First time I ever see her coming to training sessions, and she started the conversation by telling me there's a Chihuahua around there that shares her name, and how Yen kept teasing her by repeatedly calling her name when the Chihuahua was nearby :p

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Mok took this pic; Mui Mui can clear the poles effortlessly and gracefully now! She can even chase me running up and down the stairs now, and she's only 5 months old! I'm so proud!! Took me quite a few weeks to get her to descend the stairs!

This week's showstopper must be this little Chihuahua!

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QQ's her name, two months old, step sister of aforementioned Chihuahua by the name of Wennice! They were born of the same mother but have different fathers. Funny thing is, even though they have different owners, as soon as both are let loose, they instinctively go up to each other, touch snouts, sniff, and the much larger Wennice let the teeny QQ brush around her legs!! How lovely!

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After the training session, me, Yen, Ivan, Wennice & Mok went for lunch at the stadium food court. We left Gordon and Mui Mui inside Ivan's car. Patrons had fun watching the two pop their heads out of the window, and quite a few bypassers stopped or did a double-take to play with them. Kids were particularly amused at the sight!! The glass panel on Ivan's car was all wet with Gordon's saliva by the time we left, heheh!


flyaikowen said...

yerr .. like so charm geh,,, d doggie but so cute d.. hahahahaha

leongsoon said...

Which one looks charm? You mean QQ? She's still a bit timid la, baby ma, Mui Mui was like this too a few months back.

flyaikowen said...

no la i mean both of them so charmmm
cox like being dump inside d car no one wana care them .. d...haha

leongsoon said...

Where got, we are sitting about 6 feet from them la, not that far also. What to do, can't bring them into the shed, don't think the other patrons will like that. People like dogs but they'll be worried the dogs will bite :p

Casey and Peanut said...

Gordon & Mui are just adorable :)

Casey & Peanut just loves going for car rides and walk in the parks too .... :)