Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Effin' bad day

Title says it all, my day at the office sucked so much that by the time I'm off work, I'm ready to blow and bite anyone's head. Some idiota decided he should park his car VIP style smack dab beside the narrow basement carpark exit and hindered my exit. Had to do a multiple reverse and steer maneuvre to get my ass out. That was it. Don't know what happened, it's not the first time this happened; I used to have it worse, some idiots literally parking IN the exit or entrance, but I was so pissed off this evening I actually got out of my car in the rain and kicked the hell outta the stupid Wira's front, smashing the foglamps and grille. I'm now suffering the brunt of my own violence; bruise on my big toe and pain in my calf. Whatever, couldn't care less.

Traffic on the way home was exceptionally bad because of the rain today. Slight rain and the buggers on the road were doing 40, on the right lane. Diu nia sing. I was so carried away overtaking that I didn't pay attention to pedestrians by the road and accidentally treated them to a 5 feet high splash from a deep puddle. Felt really bad. I usually curse people who do that, but here I am, doing it myself. I SHALL NOT let my temper get the better of me anymore. I WILL NOT do things that will cause myself regret while in a fit of anger anymore.


Russ said...

whoah!! So ganas man!! hehehe... u actually damaged his/ her car! haha, he/she definately deserves it, but make sure u dun get caught! He might coma at you with a crowbar.. I know I would.. hehe.

We do a lot of things in the spur of anger.. remember the old donald duck cartoon? When u get angry, hold ur breath & count to 10.

Have a nice day Foong, & keep your head below the firring line!

leong soon said...

Haha, yea, I smashed the front a bit, not proud of it. Some workers there saw me but they said nothing to the car's owner when he came out, guess I'm lucky, definitely not gonna do low-EQ stuff like this anymore.

Touge King said...

I know how frustrating it must have felt for you... Damn these uncivilized "parkers." He probably deserved the damages, but like Russ said, take it easy... Back off, take a deep breath, and say "Om.........."

And then smash the fucker's car up... NOT :D !

Don't punish yourself because of someone else's mistake. Hope you have a nice day!

leong soon said...

Yea, I have to get rid of my low EQ already, gotta behave :)