Saturday, October 20, 2007

Creepy crawly

I saw something long, dark and slimy crawling along the kitchen floor just now. I thought it was a venomous centipede and was gonna swat it flat. I turned on the lights for a better view and it turned out to be, this:
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Yep, a snake, and a darn tiny one too; measuring about 15cm long and about as thick as a Pocky stick, minus the chocolate / strawberry layer :P

I captured the snake with a broom and dustpan, intending to throw it into the backstreet, since it's pretty much harmless at best, but later decided to keep it for a little while more, just so that my Sis can have a look at it tomorrow. I called for King to get a container for the snake, and he came back with one of those 20kg fragrant rice plastic bags! Yea right, the kind of plastic bag you buy your rice in, real nice, as if I just caught a python :(

Yen said a little raw meat will do, if I'm to feed the snake. Feed, yes, because I might be keeping it as a pet. We'll see :)

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