Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Ever watched the Pixar animation, CARS, before? Love those cute expressive car characters? Heck, who doesn't, you have to be effin' gay not to. I was bored at the office today, looking for interesting posts at when I saw this. Your very own CARS characters!!

So, anyway, today's equation: too much time at work and class + photoshop =
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Ladies and gentlemen, girls, boys, & whatever-else-exists-inbetween, I now introduce you to XAN (lame name, I know)!

Image Hosted by
....TRAN (yea, lame name too, I know..) !

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..MUL MUL, pronounced "mau" as in "multiply", cause my sis always calls it so!!!

Took me less than an hour to do all 3 pics, it's pretty easy! Try it out yourself! I'll probably do a few more when I have nicer car pics :) This is fun!


Russ said...

hey Nice entry.. can you do one for my car?? ;)

leongsoon said...

Sure thing! Just gimme a nice pic and some time :)

--m^tcH-- said...

pandai pandai edit yer??

hahhaa.. anyway i changed my blog layout liao.. my previous ones were ruined!!!