Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ford Transit, seafood, and..... cendol?

Uncle Leong spotted a Transit for sale by the road in Lumut a few weeks back, and he was very interested as he's been searching for a good one lately. He hadn't time to look then and just left his contact with the seller. Anyway, we went for a trip to Lumut and have a look at the Transit along the way. There's nine of us; Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis, me, Uncle & Auntie Leong, Sze Yuen and Aunt Yean Ling.

The seller, Robert, was having "tea" with some friends when we arrived so we waited for about half an hour before he showed up, on a quadbike!

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Robert was a funny fellow, couldn't get a good pic of him though; he was busy running around herding the dogs in or looking for tools, trying to open the hood of the Transit, loose cable, I think, happened twice with Dad's Transit too. The guy looked drunk too, bet he was having lotsa booze until we called!

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Uncle Leong with the "soon-to-be-his" Transit :)

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Dusty, but otherwise nice interior! Everything's intact! Transits have no factory-installed stereo, if you noticed the empty tray slot beside the central air-con vents.

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Original Transit passenger seats, very firm, first time I'm seeing these; ours' came without the seats as Dad already had plans for the car before he even bought it. For the first 7 years of it's life our Transit has no original seats in it, Dad and me reinstalled the original front seats last year after we deemed the modified front seats' functionality unnecessary anymore.

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95198 kilometers, very good, pretty low for a 1998 van.

Overall, the Transit is in good condition, it only looks fugly and dirty now because it's been exposed to the elements for far too long. It has actually stayed off the road for 3 years+ now, good thing it still starts and runs, didn't notice any fluid leaks either. A few thorough washes and new headlamps will do the trick.
China Ford Transit headlamps, and the facelift :) Robert says the title has been misplaced and he'll contact us as soon as he finds it, so here's hoping, this Transit's definitely a winner. It's difficult to find a nice one nowadays, since most Transits in Malaysia are used as commercial vehicles and are poorly maintained.

We had seafood lunch at a restaurant we used to frequent after that. Then I drove us all to Sitiawan for cendol as per Uncle Leong's recommendation. It's just in front of the Hindu temple beside The Store. The cendol seller had a huge impression on me. Why? Well, just look at how he dresses:
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So pro!!! Way to go dude! You put all those hawker uncles with dirty and raggy clothes to shame! Seeing him makes it worth half the effort driving all the way to this stall. Not to mention his cendol is good too!! Don't go for cendol at the aunty's stall on the other side of the temple's entrance, not unless you like your cendol salty, anyway. Yea, you'll see substantially more customers there (weird eh? Maybe Sitiawan people like their cendol salty :p) but the cendol at this handsome dude's stall tastes better, he was gracious enough and allowed us to buy and have the aunty's cendol at his stall too, nice guy! That, and the aunty doesn't dress anywhere as smart as this dude!!


Russ said...

Thats a pretty good looking Ford Transit.. not bad milage, hope the price was good too... never knew it doesnt come with a factory radio.. I love cendol and thanks to you, now im craving it.. :P

leongsoon said...

The Transits we get here are low-spec versions, so the interior's very spartan and equipment is minimal. Very good base for custom modification though :) Cendol, yea I'm still craving for it myself :p