Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clear blinkers on!

This is gonna be a short and boring update :p I installed the clear blinkers on the Transit yesterday evening!

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Here's how it looks like now:

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Not much difference, really, but it's still cool to finally rid the Transit of all orange indicators; the colors look a lot more harmonised now :) Sportier rims and wheel spacers shouldn't be too far off, too! If only I can find aftermarket rear lamps for this now....hehehe :)


Russ said...

Yeap, definately more harmonised now.. thats gotta be the best lookin' Ford Transit ive ever seen.. :)

leongsoon said...

A little bit more exterior visual upgrades are in the pipelines, the rest will be interior from now on. I'll post as we get more done, but my dad and I have been slow with the interior ;)