Monday, September 24, 2007

Blackout at home

Immediately after having cendol, I noticed the Transit's starter isn't working again. This problem comes every now and then but it's getting frequent so the van was sent for a check at Kok Weng's after dropping Uncle Leong and family off at Menglembu. Funny thing is, the stupiak starter will work again once we reach the workshop, EVERY SINGLE TIME. It happened once, twice, thrice, and so on. I believe Kok Weng must be thinking that we are high and are imagining things :(

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Kok Weng hard at work, on a rainy Sunday evening! We're troublesome customers :p

Kok Weng couldn't find the cause of the problem as he was short of time; we need the van tomorrow, Chuen Kor will be driving it off to KL tomorrow, so we just had him install a bypass switch for the starter in case it fails again.

Reached home at about 730, to be surrounded in darkness:
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Watik said the blackout started around 2pm, so it's been more than 5 hours when I took this pic.

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Eerie eh? :)


Russ said...

I hate blackouts, thankfully it doesnt happen that often or else we should all invests in little generators.. nice errie shots btw.. :)

leongsoon said...

Blackouts occur 3-4 times a week when we first moved in a decade ago, it's pretty rare now, thankfully :)