Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad day, bad rider, bad driver, bad passenger

This is a very, very bad start to a week that should have otherwise been good. I've completed my animation assignments, so this should be a good week eh? But no!! Fate (or whatever) decided I should have a shock or two today!

First thing was I got harrased by a stupid biker who threatened to beat me up, claiming he was a cop, because he said I did an illegal U-turn and nearly caused him to run into my car. So I did a U-turn before I entered Hospital Pantai Puteri, then one sohai motorist rode up to my door and honked loudly. I opened my door window and he threatened to beat me up, saying I nearly made him crash, and he demanded for my IC. What happened was pretty funny, actually, it kinda went like this:

Asshole: Kau tahu aku hampir telanggar kereta awak tadi? Buat U-turn macam ini!!! Macam mana awak bawa kereta???!!

Me: Guna tangan la.

Asshole: Bawa kereta macam ini! Lampu isyarat di sebelah saya masih hijau tahu?!!!! Bagi saya lesen awak!!!!!

Me: Macam mana saya tahu, saya nampak kereta berhenti saya lalu la, jalan sangat lebar, di dua lorong kanan tak ada kereta awak tak tahu brake atau ke kanan ke? (The cars from the opposite have stopped before I U-turned, how should I know if the light's still green? The bugger could have went to the right lane or braked anyway, he was just looking for trouble) Kenapa mau bagi lesen pada awak? Awak bukan polis pun!

Asshole: Siapa kata say bukan polis?! Saya ada kad kuasa di sini!! (Then the bugger went ahead to take out his wallet, and pretended to search for his authority card.)

Obviously the bugger was pretending, couldn't produce his identification, while I looked at him with gleeful distaste, he then proceeded to say that he can call his police friends up and lock me up (omfg I'm so freakin scared, wahahah)

Asshole: Saya kenal banyak polis! Saya panggil dia mari tahan awak!!

Me: Panggil la! Siapa takut?! Suruh dia cepat sikit!

(That fucking asshole's pretty irritated by now, he went as far as to remove his helmet, trying, fruitlessly, to intimidate me again)

This was when my dad came out and demanded from the asshole what he's doing, scared, the fucker pushed my face with his fist and made his move to leave the scene, seeing that the security guards at Pantai Puteri were coming out also, the fucker even reversed into my mom when he was leaving!!!!! What an asshole, hope he gets run over by a lorry or have his balls fall off.

Anyway, I managed to snap a pic of his bike and him as he was leaving, couldn't get the face though. He's a malay in his 40's with dark skin, and a thin moustache, stupid looking bulging eyes. I think he works at the office at some factory, judging from his attire. His bike is a red one, probably a Kriss, number AFC 7742. I went to the police station and reported him, first at Sungai Senam, then the HQ later. That'll teach him for messing with me, trying to scare me huh, well you got the wrong person asshole, I would have been so happy to alight from my car and clobber him up if there weren't so many people watching.

Forget bout that, it's just me being an ass, it is insignificant anyway, compared to what I heard later, shocking truly. Nicky was driving home from Kampar last Thursday, in an Iswara, with his aunt beside him and his cousin behind. A Wira came up from the right, it's driver and passenger apparently arguing, and it hit the Iswara Nicky was driving. Nicky swerved to the side a bit, then the Wira swerved and banged Nicky's car a second time. This bang made Nicky lose control and the whole car effin flipped. Nicky's aunt was thrown outta the car and broker her arm, while his cousin escaped with minor scrapes on the head. Nicky wasn't so lucky though, he got blood clots in his head and glass shards were all in his right arm.

What made me all steamed up is the fact that those 2 fuckers in the Wira just drove off!!! What the freakin hell, if you haven't got the balls and conscience to stop, at least call for an ambulance, dicks!!!!!! How would you feel if it's a loved one of yours in the wreck??! It was fortunate that a kind uncle stopped to help get Nicky out of the wreck and send him to the hospital while Nicky's cousin informs his parents.

Treatment wasn't good at Kampar Hospital either, according to Nicky's mom, the nurses there managed to break the glass shards in his arm to smaller pieces, further complicating the matter, and the doctor insisted that Nicky only had arm injuries. It's an even luckier thing that Nicky's dad is insistent and sent Nicky back to Fatimah Hospital Ipoh for a brain scan; his head's already swelled up when they got back. Right now Nicky's resting at the ICU, not speaking yet, but he shows sign of awareness and communicates with his eyes.

Damn, it was really a great relief seeing him ok when I visited this afternoon; there has been a heavy sense of dread ever since I got wind of his accident this morning. Visitting him again with the others when I get off work.

And oh yeah, the 2 fuckers in the Wira, if you are reading this, I hope you get in a wreck and feel what it's like to be left for dead like that. Serious. I'll be glad to help, you scumbags.


15th September, OK, so Nicky's fine now, walks and talks like usual. His cousin was conscious throughout the ordeal and managed to remember the Wira's number. Cool, we'll be seeing justice soon.


Touge King said...

I would've nailed that SOB biker right there, as long as you don't use a weapon, the court typically fines you RM100 (trust me, I know).

I am sorry to hear about your incident, as well as Nicky's. There are many such hit and run cases in Malaysia, hence, the need for defensive driving. I hope everyone recovers soon...

Try to have a good week.


leongsoon said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment, my friend is much better now; he talks and walks normally now, only thing is, he's bald now :)