Friday, August 10, 2007


You've probably seen it now; this is Wee Ming Chi's version of our national anthem, aptly named "Negarakuku". It's garnered a lot of attention and views since it was posted in youtube sometime back.

Right now, our dear government has intentions to have action taken against him for reportedly slandering our nation. This is the weird part; what's so offensive and slanderous about this video? For all I can see, his rendition of Negaraku is a soulful one, and the video was well put together. Talking about slanderous, how can it be slanderous when all he did was voice his opinions, frustrations, and views? It's facts and truth he's rapping about, not some kinda fiction he came up with while smoking pot! I'm sure a lot of us share his sentiments.

I'll say Wee Ming Chi loves his nation, and this is his unique way to remind us of our shortcomings and what must be overcomed by us in order to improve. Sadly, our government seems to lack the ability to understand humour and reflect on the deeper meanings in this song. No, they are very hard at work trying to nail this creative (and hotly debated now, PATRIOTIC) Malaysian down. Democracy and freedom of speech my foot, go take a hike and enjoy your cup of teh, you government monkeys.


--m^tcH-- said...

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Russ said...

I also find his video very well put together. The truth is, im sure a lot of people feel the same way as him, but they just dont dare to voice it out. There has been a few videos out there on uTube now, following the negarakuku.. but all very debatable.

I pitty the poor feller, just trying to voice his frustration then kena hantam left right n center.

But then again, his video may spark friction among the 2 races, which isnt very good at all! Hmm.. why must this world be so difficult?

leongsoon said...

I read in the news that he has issued a public apology.. for singing about sensitive, but true issues, totally bollocks :( Well, guess it has to be done, maybe for the sake of his family, makes me respect him more; daring to speak up and own up.

Russ said...

And now they wanna punish him after accepting his apology! WTF??