Friday, August 10, 2007

My not-so-good week in 100 words

Ugh this is bad, left knee's been hurting whenever I bend it too much for about a week now, premature joint pains?? Whatever, it'd better be gone soon or I'll go nuts. This week hadn't been too kind to me; I screwed up with the Skyline model's headlamps, too much glue, couldn't get tickets to this weekend's summer concert; don't really want to go la, but I just thought I might as well go since it's like every other guy I know is going. And since when does Malaysia have summer ar? We don't have Winter, Spring and Autumn also, we only have one nice RAINY season and one stupiak HAZE season, thanks to our dear Sumatran neighbours.

Apart from that, work is piling up around me, foreign agents are driving me up the wall with their inconsistencies, and I've been carless for ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!!! Well not one week yet, but close.

Sent the Multipla in for bearing replacement on the front left wheel this afternoon and collected my Xantia while at it. Couldn't be more pissed, after one week and having the leaking fuel pump repaired, there's still a slight leak, the engine's lost power and torque now, and the whole car vibrates like it has freaking Osim iGallops installed inside the seats! Propped the hood up and I noticed the mechanics have somehow managed to break my airbox hose; it was still ok when I sent the car in last Friday, so yea, it's either them or the workshop's haunted.

Ish, what to do, Yen will give me a ride to classes tomorrow while Dad sends the Xantia back for checks. Funniest thing of all, San asked me whether I could give her and Ping a ride home tomorrow after classes cuz their mom will be outstation, lol, I'm pretty much helpless myself now... sorry girls.

I'm so frustrated and blur today that I think I even let Trisha confuse me about bank locations a bit just now, bah! Best day this week must have been yesterday, everything went quite smoothly, from transactions at banks, clinics, offices, fixing the computer for a friend in the office next door, down to sending workers to their employers, and explaining to some long-time Myanmar workers about their passport renewal fees, deduction and application procedures, damn, I think I'm so darn good at it now; i like dealing with people (pleasant and reasonable ones, obviously) but I still won't have this as my career. Seeing what my parents have to go through everyday keeps me away; this job is not for people with low EQ, you've gotta have lorry-loads of confidence and patience. My ideal career will see me sitting in the office chair and car driving seat, 50-50 of the time :)

End of post, yes, I realised it's more than 100 words, hadn't meant to rant this much, but what the heck, typing is good theraphy for boredom and ItchyFIngers-nitis.

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