Sunday, August 5, 2007

Model building again!

This one's been lying around in it's box for too long. Far too long, in fact, it broke the record of months spent in the box.

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An Aoshima 1:24 scale model of the C-West R34, my favorite Skyline :) I bought this one and started work on it a few months back, then I messed up with the paint, as always, and left it, forgotten, in the box.

Had a sudden urge to build models again yesterday, so I wiped the dust off the boxes and got it out.

Weird, a few months back I thought the car would look good in white. Now I think the color sucks and black matches the matte gold rims better, so I sanded the surface smooth and started work again. I think after months of ogling at the beautiful works of people at , I've finally learnt a little bit more, maybe inspired too; I took it slow with the paint this time, only applying 2 layers of paint yesterday, giving it ample time to dry.

I DID NOT let my itchy hands touch the car body while the paint is drying this time around; kept myself occupied by snatching the controller from Sis while she was playing The Sims, and washing up the GT750 (my next project probably, fix the baby). All I did today was resand the body, 1 final layer of black and 1 layer of clear. Rest of the time was spent working on the spoiler and headlamps.

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See? It looks cooler and more badass in black yea? I like how the paint turned out this time, it's still slightly rough and certainly not perfect, but it's a big improvement over my past projects, at least this one isn't covered in finger marks (itchy hands). Gonna rub the paint for more shine tomorrow, and maybe get the headlamps, rear lamps and bumper mesh all fixed too! This baby's finally getting completed!

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Oh yea, btw, got this pair of shoes along with a pair of jeans at Jusco while shopping with Mom, Sis & Yen earlier, like it lots, and I got a free pair of Camel Active Wear flip-flops too! Not gonna wear the shoes anytime soon , I guess, current pair can still last me a few months, but my sandals are certainly in dire need of replacement; I've been wearing them since year 2000!


Russ said...

wow, Foong, so many new posts!! have u seen my R34 Tamiya model?? Must show u the link.. got no time to find it now, going offshift! Will read ur blog when im in my bunk, disconnected from the internet.. :(

leongsoon said...

Haha, of course I've seen it; that's how I found your blog, actually. It's a Bayside Blue replica of your monster machine, right? Nice one!

I actually have another Skyline model; it's a Pennzoil Nismo GT-R from Tamiya, completed but all messed up, don't feel like posting it up, yet. Maybe I will once I rebuild it, again :p

香蕉 said...

wah...leong geng woh...where do you get the car photo?...good jobs friends...

leongsoon said...

The classic cars? Ipoh Railway Station, yesterday morning la, ish, wat la, you didn't read what I typed ga? :(

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

leong soon said...

Anonymous: Are you two different or just one person? Anyway, to the first question, I just type whatever gibberish comes to my mind. And to the second comment, sorry but I don't understand what you mean.