Monday, August 27, 2007

I'M 21!!

Yes, today's the day! I'm officially 21; the age starting which the police can throw you into the jail if you commit crimes, the age when people celebrate by having lotsa booze, sex and a take nice cig afterwards. Ah, the joys of being 21, but I ain't gonna do anything I just mentioned k, so don't get any ideas there.

Anyway, I was back at school the meet my friends for lunch this afternoon and they secretly bought me a cake, and a T-shirt! It was a pleasant surprise, and I didn't expect it, so I was pretty dumbfounded and didn't know how to respond while they started singing me a birthday song and snapped away. We went to My Point for lunch and ended up 2 hours late for class again :p

I have nothing but thanks again for Nicky, Zheng Wei, Wennice, Ivan, Trisha, Terry, Mok, Ring, Ah Yu, Yen, Bou etc etc and everyone else who was present. Thanks for the cake, the T-shirt, the company, and a great afternoon, you guys are great :p Also thanks to Suzen and Jennyi for the cake, even though they didn't attend my party and weren't around today :)

Back at home, my aunt Mee Yin's got me a box of chocolates and an ang pau too, thanking her at the office tomorrow!

And and and, despite my countless insistence that a gold key is wasteful and old-style, Mom & Dad still went ahead and got me one anyway! And hey, this one actually looks simple and decent, none of that fancy patterns that I dislike. I like this one! Needless to say, hugs and kisses are in order :p
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Mine! I locked it up in the safebox, will get it out once I get a good chain :)

Dinner today was another BBQ, just family this time, no one else, Yen couldn't make it as she has chores to attend to and her assignments to slave over :)

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Dad, Mom & Sis

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Bro messing away at the grille

So there it is, my greatest birthday ever, and it's all thanks to the wonderful people around me! Thanks again everybody! I'm very very very very very happy, hahaha :)


Chloe~ said...

happy birthday!

leongsoon said...

Thanks! How nice of you to drop by :)

Russ said...

Happy Birthday LeongSoon!! Wow, ur only 21, I thought u were older than that.. u know a lot about cars man.. respect big-time.. :)

Btw, whats the gold key for? sorry ah, this is new culture to me..

Its nice to have friends & family around during a birtday, and totally depressing to be alone, and if nobody knows its ur birtday.. :(

Anyway, enjoy life but forget about the booze & sex, and go straight for magic mushrooms... it natural ok, and not a man-made substance! hehehe.. joking only, dun be a mad guy like me.. :P

leongsoon said...

Hehe, thanks for the wishes! Huh, I sound old meh? LOL, I only know a lot about cars cause I'm a car freak, got that from my dad; he used to race bikes, cars and even does handbrake parking with lorries, crazy :P

The gold key, Chinese parents give that to their children when they've reached 21, as a symbol of their freedom.

Yea, it's depressing to be away from family and close friends during birthdays, even if it's not your birthday, experienced that a few times, doesn't feel too good, but I guess that's part and parcel of life; you just can't be anywhere, anytime you wish, but you know that better than me :P

The mushrooms, I'll pass :p