Monday, August 13, 2007

C-West R34 completed!!

Not really, pretty close though; just short of underbody aero pieces and number plate now.

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I avoided taking pics from the left side. Why? I screwed up on the headlamp cover, as I earlier said, heart still aching :(

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C-West R34 with it's Super GT brother, the Pennzoil Nismo GT-R. No decals, not gonna put em on, never liked stickers :) It also lacks the side mirrors, not putting it on yet, I might rebuild this one again; bodywork and paint's horrible :p

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A peek at the next addition to my collection, it's a Honda Today, charming little car :) I've liked it ever since I saw Kobayakawa Miyuki's patrol car in You're Under Arrest! I'll get my hands on the Bandai kit if I ever see it; that one's the patrol car version, including Tsujimoto Natsumi's MotoCompo, with plastic figures of the two ladies!! Anyway, I got this kit and started it on Friday, could've completed it yesterday but paint chipped off near the front of the hood, it's nearly fixed now. And NO, IT'S NOT A KANCIL!!

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Yen got this on Friday, along with my Today, it's an old discontinued kit of the Alpine A110 1600SC ! I like this kit a lot; it's got detailed suspension parts, ladder frame, engine, exhaust and individual throttle bodies!!!! And it only cost RM70!! What a steal!! Have to build it for Yen soon, but not gonna go fast this time, I'll have to be patient and not destroy this beauty :)

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Russ said...

Car looks sweet mate!
Mine is shagged, kept it wrapped in plastic to protect it from dust, and when I un-wrapped it, some of the paint came off! *&^%$#@!
Looks like I got some repairing to do now!
ps: That R34 looks real mean in black n cant wait to see the future projects!