Sunday, August 12, 2007

Astro Talent Quest 2007 Finals

Kept switching channels between 30 and 18 for Astro Talent Quest 2007 and Summer Live Concert. ATQ was way way way more interesting. Jyin Fu was ousted and had to settle for 5th!! Anyway, it's ok, my favorite, Zax Lee (not handsome, but very nice guy, and he's definitely improved since fighting his way thru the top 20) was 1st, kewl, and Xiao Xiao Li (didn't pay much attention to her until she ousted Frankie to join the Top 5, since then I think she's improved a lot, becoming much more at home on the stage, even has that superstar aura around her now) came in third, not bad at all, and I was so worried that she would be ousted instead of Kystal!

2nd was that Wayne guy, I always thought his facial features made him resemble a gorilla, never liked him much, though his singing is good. This year's ATQ is great, the standard of the contestants are so high, probably due to the strict judges this time round. Looking forward and anticipating the day when Zax Lee and Xiao Xiao Li will finally sing their own songs and have their own records. Here's hoping :)

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