Monday, August 27, 2007

I'M 21!!

Yes, today's the day! I'm officially 21; the age starting which the police can throw you into the jail if you commit crimes, the age when people celebrate by having lotsa booze, sex and a take nice cig afterwards. Ah, the joys of being 21, but I ain't gonna do anything I just mentioned k, so don't get any ideas there.

Anyway, I was back at school the meet my friends for lunch this afternoon and they secretly bought me a cake, and a T-shirt! It was a pleasant surprise, and I didn't expect it, so I was pretty dumbfounded and didn't know how to respond while they started singing me a birthday song and snapped away. We went to My Point for lunch and ended up 2 hours late for class again :p

I have nothing but thanks again for Nicky, Zheng Wei, Wennice, Ivan, Trisha, Terry, Mok, Ring, Ah Yu, Yen, Bou etc etc and everyone else who was present. Thanks for the cake, the T-shirt, the company, and a great afternoon, you guys are great :p Also thanks to Suzen and Jennyi for the cake, even though they didn't attend my party and weren't around today :)

Back at home, my aunt Mee Yin's got me a box of chocolates and an ang pau too, thanking her at the office tomorrow!

And and and, despite my countless insistence that a gold key is wasteful and old-style, Mom & Dad still went ahead and got me one anyway! And hey, this one actually looks simple and decent, none of that fancy patterns that I dislike. I like this one! Needless to say, hugs and kisses are in order :p
Image Hosted by
Mine! I locked it up in the safebox, will get it out once I get a good chain :)

Dinner today was another BBQ, just family this time, no one else, Yen couldn't make it as she has chores to attend to and her assignments to slave over :)

Image Hosted by
Dad, Mom & Sis

Image Hosted by
Bro messing away at the grille

So there it is, my greatest birthday ever, and it's all thanks to the wonderful people around me! Thanks again everybody! I'm very very very very very happy, hahaha :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Early birthday party!

I'm back! Flight landed at 2340 Friday night, boarded cab at about 0030 and reached home at 0320! Yay, feels good to be home! Bali and Jakarta was great but home just feels so much better!

OK, posting about my trip later, I was busy as my parents threw me an early birthday party yesterday and it was a blast! Words can't express how grateful I am for my parents for waking up to buy stuff for the party less than 6 hours after arriving home from a long trip, and to Bro for buying me a cake and other stuff :) I shall reward him by not killing him for playing games on the company laptop, muahahaha!

Cake cutting pictures coming later; still with Sauw Leng, who was gracious enough to be camerawoman, as usual, owe you lots my dear friend!

Image Hosted by
Sis, Bro & Simon playing with Mui Mui, Yew Loon managed to avoid the camera the whole night

Image Hosted by
From left, Ivan, Jason, MC, Wan Jun, Fanny, Me, Yen, Nicky & Sauw Leng

Image Hosted by
Yen with Mui Mui ^^

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Yen made me this diorama for my birthday! Cute isn't it? I really like it lots, thanks a lot dear! Love you lots haha!

Image Hosted by
Nicky got me this wallet, how thoughtful, thanks Nicky! I guess he couldn't stand my old wallet anymore too :p Wendy was always egging me about my old wallet :p

Image Hosted by
My old wallet, it's a gift from Mom; it's been with me thru my high school, industrial training, national service and college phases! That's year 2000 until now!! It's old and shabby looking but I still love it lots! Yes I use my stuff for a long time, still using my mechanical pencil and pencil case from Form2 now, so sue me :p

Image Hosted by
Sauw Leng, MC & Wan Jun got me this plushy, haha cute, so cute, my sister has "kidnapped" and held it hostage in her room now! The soccer bobblehead is from my cousin Zhan Huei!

Haha, that's all the gifts I got, not including the chocolates from another cousin and some tea from Simon (I don't drink tea, but still thanks, Simon, if you're reading this) :)

Also lots of thanks to all my relatives and elders who showed up, to friends who wished me even though you're busy and a gazillion miles away, and Chuen Kor & family for the cake! Thanks to Auntie Leong, Sze Nga & Megan for the agar-agar. Haha, it isn't even my birthday yet but I feel I've just had the BEST WEEK in my life so far! I'm sorry if I left anyone out or anyone couldn't make it because of the late invitation. Even more thanks to all of you who came on such short notice! I'll remember this forever, if I don't, whack me in the head :p

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Off for a week

Yep, I'll be off for a week, all packed up now. Will hop on the 10am bus to KLIA tomorrow, then board the 4pm flight to Bali. That's the first leg, will be visitting other places around Indonesia too. My first real vacation in 4 years :p See you all again next Friday!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tagged! Again?

Ergh, this is lucky of me, first and second time all within a week! All thanks to Russ, my new blog friend, this time :) Don't really get this one, it just says list and tag 5 blog friends, that's easy alright, but I still don't get the point?

Haha, anyway, I tag:

Michelle (first person who comes to mind. REVENGE!!!)


JasonCheng (you're so free now, must tag!)

Wendy (long time din kacau!)


Mm, so I guess that's that? That was easy *phew*

More Doraemon capsule toys!!!

....This one's quite a story, and as much as I am tempted to tell, I won't tell it here in fear of jeopardising a nice guy and his job :p Anyway, while we were at Jusco to watch Ratatouille, me and Yen's finally collected the whole set of Doraemon capsule toys!

Image Hosted by
From left; sleepy Doraemon, Dorami, Doraemon, Mini-Doraemon, and a (I dunno, confused, freaked?) Doraemon in his original form.

Cute eh, you'll recognize the leftmost one as the one Yen got me a few weeks back. Thanks to luck, and a little bit of help from said nice guy, we got the four others from the capsule machine today. There were only 3 more capsules left in the machine after we're done with it hehe, last ones in the whole of Perak too, from what we heard :)

Gotta stop buying so many toys, no more space in bookrack and no more money in wallet :p Oh yea, Ratatouille was heaps of fun and laughter, it's a must watch! Go catch it!

Monday, August 13, 2007

C-West R34 completed!!

Not really, pretty close though; just short of underbody aero pieces and number plate now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I avoided taking pics from the left side. Why? I screwed up on the headlamp cover, as I earlier said, heart still aching :(

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Image Hosted by
C-West R34 with it's Super GT brother, the Pennzoil Nismo GT-R. No decals, not gonna put em on, never liked stickers :) It also lacks the side mirrors, not putting it on yet, I might rebuild this one again; bodywork and paint's horrible :p

Image Hosted by
A peek at the next addition to my collection, it's a Honda Today, charming little car :) I've liked it ever since I saw Kobayakawa Miyuki's patrol car in You're Under Arrest! I'll get my hands on the Bandai kit if I ever see it; that one's the patrol car version, including Tsujimoto Natsumi's MotoCompo, with plastic figures of the two ladies!! Anyway, I got this kit and started it on Friday, could've completed it yesterday but paint chipped off near the front of the hood, it's nearly fixed now. And NO, IT'S NOT A KANCIL!!

Image Hosted by
Yen got this on Friday, along with my Today, it's an old discontinued kit of the Alpine A110 1600SC ! I like this kit a lot; it's got detailed suspension parts, ladder frame, engine, exhaust and individual throttle bodies!!!! And it only cost RM70!! What a steal!! Have to build it for Yen soon, but not gonna go fast this time, I'll have to be patient and not destroy this beauty :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Astro Talent Quest 2007 Finals

Kept switching channels between 30 and 18 for Astro Talent Quest 2007 and Summer Live Concert. ATQ was way way way more interesting. Jyin Fu was ousted and had to settle for 5th!! Anyway, it's ok, my favorite, Zax Lee (not handsome, but very nice guy, and he's definitely improved since fighting his way thru the top 20) was 1st, kewl, and Xiao Xiao Li (didn't pay much attention to her until she ousted Frankie to join the Top 5, since then I think she's improved a lot, becoming much more at home on the stage, even has that superstar aura around her now) came in third, not bad at all, and I was so worried that she would be ousted instead of Kystal!

2nd was that Wayne guy, I always thought his facial features made him resemble a gorilla, never liked him much, though his singing is good. This year's ATQ is great, the standard of the contestants are so high, probably due to the strict judges this time round. Looking forward and anticipating the day when Zax Lee and Xiao Xiao Li will finally sing their own songs and have their own records. Here's hoping :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


...I got tagged, no thanks to Michelle :( This is so not my game, but since I've nearly nothing to do (got some work la, but procrastinating) and ItchyFingers-nitis is bugging me again, I'll have a go.

Here are the rules:1. Each blogger must post these rules first.2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Eight facts here, don't laugh!

1. When I'm nice, I'm nice, when I'm pissed, I'm a head-biting monster, so, value your lifes and don't get on my bad side, people.

2. I'm a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts freak, there was a point in my life when I thought I'll die happy if I can get a job at Square-Enix Japan and make one of the best games in the whole wide world.

3. I have a freaking round and huge pot belly, it's a wonder how a lot of people around me still don't realise that :p

4. I actively promote the benefits of nose-digging and arse-scratching to any of my friends who should know better than to ask what I'm doing when I'm on MSN.

5. To all of you who always call me che sao and say I drive so fast thru corners as if I'm drifting, well, that's because I am actually a PRO DRIFTER! Muahaha, now bow to me, biatches! OK la, only in video games la. I donno how to drift in real life k, so keep bugging me to teach you k, siao meh, you want to die also not like this geh, a funky night out with lotsa wild unprotected sex, booze, and drugs is the better way to go.

6. I DO have a soft side; I love babies, puppies, rabbits, until they start shitting all around the place.

7. I like Chinese and English songs because I understand the lyrics and find them meaningful. I like Japanese songs because I can understand the lyrics a bit and the tunes are catchy. I love Korean songs too yet the only Korean words I know are Seoul, Kimchi, Anyoung-haseyo, sarangheyo, Daewoo, Samsung & Hyundai...

8. I am a very bored person. You see how I can type on and on like this you know already la :P

OK, 8 facts here, not gonna tag anyone else, least they brand me wu liao and ignore me, so I'll safe myself the embarassment. K thanks bye tata and don't die laughing now.


You've probably seen it now; this is Wee Ming Chi's version of our national anthem, aptly named "Negarakuku". It's garnered a lot of attention and views since it was posted in youtube sometime back.

Right now, our dear government has intentions to have action taken against him for reportedly slandering our nation. This is the weird part; what's so offensive and slanderous about this video? For all I can see, his rendition of Negaraku is a soulful one, and the video was well put together. Talking about slanderous, how can it be slanderous when all he did was voice his opinions, frustrations, and views? It's facts and truth he's rapping about, not some kinda fiction he came up with while smoking pot! I'm sure a lot of us share his sentiments.

I'll say Wee Ming Chi loves his nation, and this is his unique way to remind us of our shortcomings and what must be overcomed by us in order to improve. Sadly, our government seems to lack the ability to understand humour and reflect on the deeper meanings in this song. No, they are very hard at work trying to nail this creative (and hotly debated now, PATRIOTIC) Malaysian down. Democracy and freedom of speech my foot, go take a hike and enjoy your cup of teh, you government monkeys.

My not-so-good week in 100 words

Ugh this is bad, left knee's been hurting whenever I bend it too much for about a week now, premature joint pains?? Whatever, it'd better be gone soon or I'll go nuts. This week hadn't been too kind to me; I screwed up with the Skyline model's headlamps, too much glue, couldn't get tickets to this weekend's summer concert; don't really want to go la, but I just thought I might as well go since it's like every other guy I know is going. And since when does Malaysia have summer ar? We don't have Winter, Spring and Autumn also, we only have one nice RAINY season and one stupiak HAZE season, thanks to our dear Sumatran neighbours.

Apart from that, work is piling up around me, foreign agents are driving me up the wall with their inconsistencies, and I've been carless for ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!!! Well not one week yet, but close.

Sent the Multipla in for bearing replacement on the front left wheel this afternoon and collected my Xantia while at it. Couldn't be more pissed, after one week and having the leaking fuel pump repaired, there's still a slight leak, the engine's lost power and torque now, and the whole car vibrates like it has freaking Osim iGallops installed inside the seats! Propped the hood up and I noticed the mechanics have somehow managed to break my airbox hose; it was still ok when I sent the car in last Friday, so yea, it's either them or the workshop's haunted.

Ish, what to do, Yen will give me a ride to classes tomorrow while Dad sends the Xantia back for checks. Funniest thing of all, San asked me whether I could give her and Ping a ride home tomorrow after classes cuz their mom will be outstation, lol, I'm pretty much helpless myself now... sorry girls.

I'm so frustrated and blur today that I think I even let Trisha confuse me about bank locations a bit just now, bah! Best day this week must have been yesterday, everything went quite smoothly, from transactions at banks, clinics, offices, fixing the computer for a friend in the office next door, down to sending workers to their employers, and explaining to some long-time Myanmar workers about their passport renewal fees, deduction and application procedures, damn, I think I'm so darn good at it now; i like dealing with people (pleasant and reasonable ones, obviously) but I still won't have this as my career. Seeing what my parents have to go through everyday keeps me away; this job is not for people with low EQ, you've gotta have lorry-loads of confidence and patience. My ideal career will see me sitting in the office chair and car driving seat, 50-50 of the time :)

End of post, yes, I realised it's more than 100 words, hadn't meant to rant this much, but what the heck, typing is good theraphy for boredom and ItchyFIngers-nitis.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Model building again!

This one's been lying around in it's box for too long. Far too long, in fact, it broke the record of months spent in the box.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

An Aoshima 1:24 scale model of the C-West R34, my favorite Skyline :) I bought this one and started work on it a few months back, then I messed up with the paint, as always, and left it, forgotten, in the box.

Had a sudden urge to build models again yesterday, so I wiped the dust off the boxes and got it out.

Weird, a few months back I thought the car would look good in white. Now I think the color sucks and black matches the matte gold rims better, so I sanded the surface smooth and started work again. I think after months of ogling at the beautiful works of people at , I've finally learnt a little bit more, maybe inspired too; I took it slow with the paint this time, only applying 2 layers of paint yesterday, giving it ample time to dry.

I DID NOT let my itchy hands touch the car body while the paint is drying this time around; kept myself occupied by snatching the controller from Sis while she was playing The Sims, and washing up the GT750 (my next project probably, fix the baby). All I did today was resand the body, 1 final layer of black and 1 layer of clear. Rest of the time was spent working on the spoiler and headlamps.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

See? It looks cooler and more badass in black yea? I like how the paint turned out this time, it's still slightly rough and certainly not perfect, but it's a big improvement over my past projects, at least this one isn't covered in finger marks (itchy hands). Gonna rub the paint for more shine tomorrow, and maybe get the headlamps, rear lamps and bumper mesh all fixed too! This baby's finally getting completed!

Image Hosted by

Oh yea, btw, got this pair of shoes along with a pair of jeans at Jusco while shopping with Mom, Sis & Yen earlier, like it lots, and I got a free pair of Camel Active Wear flip-flops too! Not gonna wear the shoes anytime soon , I guess, current pair can still last me a few months, but my sandals are certainly in dire need of replacement; I've been wearing them since year 2000!

Classic Car gathering at Ipoh Railway Station

There was a classic car gathering at the Ipoh Railway Station this morning. Didn't hear about it? Yea, neither did I, until Dad asked if I'd want to go last night; he only knew because his friend was one of the organisers. Arrived at the railway station at about 0945 with Mom and Dad, after having breakfast at old town.

I was expecting jams, massive throngs of people moving about and lotsa nice shiny cars at the gathering, but there were only about 30 classic cars, maximum, and about the same number of people there. No problem getting a nice parking spot right behind the classic cars either. Sounds boring? Yea, it was; only spent about 5 minutes there before leaving.

There weren't too many cars either, just two Mini Mokes (fugly), the usual VW Beetles (BORING), Mini Coopers (cute, yea, but boring also), some old school Opels, a Ford Escort belonging to Dad's friend (the guy has about 7-8 of em at his home the last time I went), and finally, some nice Alfas, Rovers and Triumphs. One guy even had the nerve to park a Range Rover between the classics and pass it off as one too :( I just realised I didn't get any good pics of the nicest Alfa GTVs and Giulias, feel like kicking myself now in the ass now, but first I gotta figure how to get my feet to reach my ass :(

Pics of a few worthy subjects here, didn't bother to take pics of all the cars, and didn't put much effort in taking the pics too, hence the bad angles, don't complain :p

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Haha, that's all the lame pics. I'll do better next time when I see nicer cars! Today's gathering would be totally disappointing if not for the nice Alfas and Triumphs.