Friday, July 20, 2007

Point Blanc at Onn Kee!

Just as I was about to leave home this morning, Yi Keat SMSed me saying that Point Blanc (Nicholas Ong) would be at Onn Kee at 6pm today and told me to go get my copy of Straight To The Point autographed, hell yea of course I want to!! Thanks for the heads up buddy :) Rushed back into my room and grabbed the CD along with me :p

I found out later that the Astro Talent Quest finalists would be there as well, so I guess the area would be full of people then. Curious, I called Leng Lui Theng at Onn Kee at about 4:30pm, she said Point Blanc and the finalists are already there, she wasn't interested and was sleeping in her room though, wth....? People are going to Onn Kee from all over town and she's sleeping through it all upstairs? Guess she couldn't care cause she wasn't a fan and Point Blanc's been there one time a many. Anyway, I passed by there at about 5pm while on the way to fetch Sis; saw the usual white vans the crew use as transportation, and some teens chatting, standing outside Onn Kee, some even peeking inside the aircon portion of the restaurant, fans no doubt :)

Finally, after the traffic jam to fetch Sis, she said she didn't want to go along, and I sure ain't coming back after sending her home, wasn't even in the mood anymore then cause there's still a 45 minutes wait, minimum, my favorite ATQ contestants are out of competition and won't be there anyway, and I wanted a bath and haircut badly. So, yea, in the end I didn't go back to Onn Kee at 6 for the autograph; I just brought the CD out for rides in my car today! Maybe next time hehe, I'm sure Nicholas Ong would be back again soon!

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