Monday, July 30, 2007

One Xantia less

Yep, after so many months, Dad's finally sold off one Xantia; Uncle Kwai came to get the car yesterday. 1612 is probably roaming the streets of Penang even as I type now, and they'll be no more twin Xantias running around Ipoh together anymore :( We're the only family around peculiar enough to have 2 examples of a convincingly unreliable car as our daily drivers.

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WEV 1612, probably gonna miss it, probably not, I have many fond and not-so-fond memories, adventures with it.

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One such "adventure"...

King will definitely miss it though; it's his favorite, and he hates my Xantia, since the clutch is so much stiffer in mine :p

Wonder what's gonna replace it, would be hard to find another car with the same good balance of styling, security (no alarms needed, really, no one will want to steal siao cars like this anyway) interior space, build quality, and handling. Reliability and running cost will be easy to beat though :p OK, I guess I'll miss the car after all.

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