Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My very very very first post!!!


I am Leong Soon, but most of you already know that. 20, Graphic & Advertising Design student at Sunway College Ipoh (but you already knew that too), and this is my new and first blog you're visiting.

Well, so here I am, after thinking about it for, like, 5 minutes in the toilet, I've finally decided to start my very own blog. Why my own blog, you ask? Easy:

1. I think it'll be easier for friends and family to know what I've been up to lately this way, if, I mean if, they are interested.

2. I am getting old, my memory is failing me, hence the need for some sorta journal.

3. It's HIP! It's IN! Celebrities are doing it, adults, teens, kids are doing it! Heck, and I bet some grannies are doing it, so I shall be kiasu, and jump on the blogging bandwagon!!

4. I have lotsa rants and complaints I'd like to share but no one will let me finish it on MSN!!!

5. I am just plain effin bored and have nothing better to do as you can tell now :p

Haha, ok, that's all for now, come back later for more pointless rants!


Anonymous said...

lol!!! grandpa.....hahahah.....if i really hav nothin to read then i read you blog looo..like u say better then dig nose...muahahahahaha...keep it up!!!

leongsoon said...

Good good, come and read, though I can't guarantee I can keep updating for long, haha.

Russ said...

Leongsoon, thanks for visiting my blog. And good to see more people start blogs, everyone should have a blog IMO.. hehehe. All the best and keep it up. It only gets better, and dont give up! :)

leongsoon said...

Hehe, no problem, your blog's interesting, otherwise I wouldn't visit regularly :) Hope I can keep this pace up and not fall behind :p
Thanks for visiting!

香蕉 said...

leong soon....keep it go...good luck for you ya....

leongsoon said...

Sure thing! You'd better do the same :)