Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kinda chaotic day

Stopped by the office this morning to print a pic of the China Transit, as reference for Uncle Mun who will be replacing the headlamp brackets on Dad's Transit. Drove the Multipla over to the workshop and waited a while for Mom and Dad to come after getting their work done. The Transit's hood catch was broken and Dad had no idea how it was supposed to be fixed, luckily there's another Transit at the workshop today, and a quick peek at it's hood catch answered the question.

Went back to the office after that and went about work. Found out that King's Xantia I sent for checkup yesterday has a damaged radiator; water seeps away from the tank even when it hasn't been started for nearly 2 weeks! The repair cost? 600, minimum, cool :p Lucky I ain't the one paying for that :p Just getting the car fixed before selling it off.

Things are slightly chaotic at the office today; renovations going on at the back portion, clients coming in and out etc etc. The renovation workers had to block the way to the back most of the time, meaning we had no access to the toilet, so we have to run upstairs everytime we want to relieve ourselves. Had to do lotsa emails today too regarding the Myanmar workers since most of them have been approved for employment here, gotta send the documents to their agents, confirm flight details, and enquire about passport status for others. Pretty good, not much time to idle today, but I got hungry early. Dad brought Sis for hakka mee lunch right after fetching her from school, Mom skipped lunch as she wasn't feeling well, so I had to eat lunch alone, how sad, how pitiful of me :p

Anyway, should have driven my Xantia out too today, had lotsa places to run around for errands and we only brought the Multipla out today. Went to Uncle Mun's place again after 5 to check on his progress with the Transit, no progress yet though, it's been raining all day and it's hard to work when there isn't much shelter around. Hope to see it done tomorrow, can't wait!!!!

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