Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Invisible

Caught this movie with Yen on Friday afternoon, after getting back from out trip to Chemor. We didn't know anything about this movie, just bought tickets in because there weren't any other interesting shows at the time we arrived at Jusco, and I thought it's some kinda horror movie a la Hollow Man when I saw the poster.

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Anyway, the story's about Nicholas Powell, student, talented writer who sells essays to other students for money, saving up so that he can attend some course in London. He has a friend, Pete who's often harassed by a very troubled girl, Annie Newton, and her talentless goons. Nicholas stands up for Pete and this naturally gets him into Annie's bad books.

What follows next is a series of unfortunate, and truly predictable events leading to Annie accidentally killing Nicholas in a fit of anger, well, that's how it seemed, at least. Annie, her goons, and Pete (don't ask) disposed of Nicholas body and went about as if nothing happened.

Nicholas awakes the next morning and goes to school, thinking that all was well, until he realises that things aren't well at all: nobody could see him, hear him, or even feel his touch. Yea, so he thought he's dead, then he realises that he isn't dead yet (Nicholas: OH SHIT!! I'M ALIVE!!!) ROFL, and during the rest of the movie you'll see him trying to alert others of his intangible existence, locate his body and save himself in the process.

Sounds familiar? Maybe, but this movie is good while it lasts and does it's bit to keep your butt glued to the seat. The ending was awfully predictable as well, but that doesn't matter, what's not surprising can be comfortable. Go watch it if you have time to while about, it's entertaining :p


--m^tcH-- said...

Hey there. Haha.. Yeap. I just found out your blog like 2 days ago & I found it interesting to share it out with my friends.

Sorry ya, plz dun charge me for copyrights. Hehe.. :P

Anyway, interesting entries you've written. Stay in touch ya.

leongsoon said...

LOL, thanks for dropping by, and don't worry about copyright; my lawyer will talk to you about it, not me :p