Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finished reading Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows!!

I'm back! Been absent for the past few days as I've been busy immersing myself in the Potter realm; I haven't watched TV, checked emails, chatted on MSN, or even touched the PS2 for the past few nights, yea the dork in me had came back, just for a few nights though. Finished the book at about 11 last night, and I'll have to say, Deathly Hallows has got to be the most exciting and grippiest of all 7 books; the suspense, the relevations, the deaths, the paybacks, ah, it's all just so satisfyingly good!

The ending was good, and it's truly an amazing feeling to see all the puzzle pieces fall into place, finally, after so many years, I just felt that the epilogue could have been longer; telling us how the other characters got on too, not just the main ones. Not complaining though. The book is GOOD, if any of you haven't read it yet, you should, don't count on the movies for the whole story, they always leave bits out or change certain elements. I got mixed feelings as I finished reading the book; I was glad that I've known the whole story at last, but then there's this empty, sad feeling, knowing that I'll have no other books to look forward to anymore. Oh well, we'll see, maybe I'll come across another gem soon, here's hoping :)

Anyway, I was cleaning up my room today, sorting out and throwing away waste paper, random crap, er, my old assignment thumbnails, I mean, when I found this:

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The lasted one was dated year 2004, about 3 years now :)

Yep, some old cards, quite a number of em actually, all aging at least 3 years. Don't ask why, I don't know for sure, but ever since then I haven't received any more than 10 REAL cards, though you can probably, and safely, blame e-mails and Friendster for that. Why bother buying cards, writing em, licking the envelopes (and risk getting some nasty germs), then lick the stamp (germs, again) and send it off to your friend who is approaching his birthday? Heck, the card might never even arrive. Logging in to Friendster and dropping your friend a birthday message or testimonial is convenient, and free. Top that!

Haha, anyway, back to the cards; I found these 2 particular birthday cards from my Aunt May Fung and her husband that had money packets in it's envelopes, and the money is still in there. Not much there, and I didn't take it out, just placed the cards and the money back inside the book rack again; I have this habit of leaving money in, even CNY ang paus. I don't open them and spend it all as soon as I get it. I normally open them about 6-9 months late, no particular reason, just that's about how frequent I clean my room :p I am now content with the knowledge that I can dig for money in my book racks whenever I'm poor heheheh :p

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