Saturday, July 21, 2007

Doraemon capsule toy and 1:43 diecast cars

Went to Popular at Ipoh Parade to get my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've been waiting for this book for quite some time now, wanting to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Imagine my surprise when the staff told me they are only selling to those who pre-ordered today! Huh?! I thought the book's launched today so anyone can buy it? What's all this pre-order stuff? I understand that they'll get a nice cup, paper bag, and even breakfast if you get it at MPH Jusco, but selling it as pre-orders only is stupid. Why not just order more and sell to anyone who comes looking for it? Duh, well, what to do, I could've pre-ordered but was lazy, serves me right :p Trying my luck at Jusco later.

Since I was already there, I walked around a bit when the kid in me got the better of me, again. All I intended to do was buy a small, belated birthday gift for Yen, so I chose a diecast 1:43 scale VW Beetle for her, then I saw the VW Karmann Ghia Coupe, then the Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT. Bought em all in the end.... hehe.

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Yen's VW Beetle and VW Karmann Ghia Coupe, lovely?

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1:43 Murcielago R-GT by High Speed, details are pretty good for it's scale, well worth the price

Went to Yen's home to give her the gift; she got the VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia Coupe, liked it of course :) Glad I chose the correct cars haha. She's got me a capsule Doraemon toy too from the capsule machine in Jusco yesterday while shopping with Nicky. Nicky's got the original form Doraemon; yellow colour, ears, etc etc. Here's how mine looks:

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Cute huh? I like it a lot, it's got posable arms, feet, and head of course. Like it lots, thanks Yen!!


kynkiez said...

later i buy ultraman then i take pic let u see la...muahahahahahahha

leongsoon said...

Ceh, you said for ages ady la, fast fast buy la, but I still think Kamen Rider is cooler :p